Friday, July 16, 2010

7.5.10 This Week in Entertainment

These magazines are actually from a week ago, but today on the bachelorette, they had the heartbroken couple sit down with each other and confront each other for the first time since the big breakup and all the slander in the magazines since. I guess it's because I was in the "he made a bad decision" club when he chose Vienna, but I lvoe all the drama playing out around their breakup. My verdict, his version sounds more true, but I think they are both lying a little and to blame, and they are definately both totale schmucks.

7.4.10 Fourth of July BBQ

MMMM mmmmmm. I love this picture, but it makes me hungry. We had a BBQ at mom's to celebrate the holiday. It was a nice big party this year with all the family and Miriam, Shannon, and Michael (Mr. Charles). We had a good time playing games and eating food.

7.3.10 Scrapbooking!!!

My sister's best friend was in town for the weekend, and Jessica invited me over to scrapbook with them. I stayed all day, child free, and loved every minute of it!

7.2.10 The New Crib

This is a photo I found online of the crib we bought for the new baby. I turned it to black and white so the bedding wouldn't be the focus, and it could be imagined in a little boy or girls room. It is a white crib, and I really like it. I want this baby's room to look very different from Jakob's, even if it is another boy. It is not being delivered till the end of the month.

7.1.10 Cherrilee

When I was a kid, I had tons of My Little Ponies. I have been waiting to have a girl to start buying them all back (I have always regretted getting rid of them). After I took that stupid gender test though, I felt like I may never get to buy any ponies. Then I realized how dumb that was, and that I could play with them with Jakob, so I went out and bought the girliest one I could find and we have been playing with it ever since. He isn't too crazy about it, but it sure makes me happy!

6.30.10 New Guest Room/Office

To make room for the coming baby, we had to combine our office with our guest room. It actually turned out nice, although slighlty difficult to photograph.

6.29.10 Another Boy?

Okay, first let me apologize, I think this picture is worse than the toilet picture. Yes that is a cup of pee. I took this OTC generic gender predictor test, mostly for fun, since the results are not always accurate. Basicallly you add this powder to the pee, and it turns green for a girl or orange for a boy. As you can see, my result was clearly a boy. I won't know for sure until the big ultrasound though.