Saturday, May 22, 2010

5.17.10 Ultrasound Day!

Provided today went well, I was ready to announce my secret to the world. We went in after I got off work for an ultrasound and confirmed my due date within two days of what I had guessed. Look's like baby #2 is in the works, due 1-11-11 (how cool of a due date is that!). They dated this picture at 5 weeks, 6 days, and although it was just a flicker, they were able to detect the heartrate, which was beating at 109 beats per minute! We go back in one week for our first true appointment with the doctor.

5.16.10 Sunday Breakfast

The past few weeks, Jeff has been spoiling me with a home cooked breakfast on Sundays. I woke up to find him cooking the bacon...YUMMY!

5.15.10 Good Student Raffle

Today I went shopping for the prizes for my students yearly raffle. I give out tickets all year long to good studetns to enter in this raffle. It's a lot of work, but it's fun to see the kids get excited about it.

5.14.10 Cafemom

This is one of the ways I love to waste time. I joined a few years ago when I was trying to get pregnant with Jakob. I love the site because it's a place for me to discuss baby stuff ad nauseum and no one gets tired of hearing it because they all tend to do the same. I've met some really great moms on the site too!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5.13.10 Feeling Better

Jakob was in such a great mood after getting over his illness. He became obsessed with the bowl we had out in case he got sick again (don't worry, he never did-it was clean). He would put it on his head and then ours. When he would lift it up to peek at us he would say, "AAHHHHHGGG!"

5.12.10 The 24 Hour Bug

Poor sweet Jakob. On Wednesday I got a call at school that I needed to come pick up Jakob from daycare. He had thrown up three times and continued to do so all night. He had a 24 hr bug, but luckily thats all it was. I felt so bad for him though, he just wanted to lay on me, even when he wasn't sleeping he just layed there and stared. He really didn't feel good. Seeing your kid sick really feels awful. We ended up sleeping on a pallet on the floor in the living room. Everytime he would wake up, he would climb on top of me and snuggle.

5.11.10 Jakob's New Game

Jakob really loves his stuffed sports balls. He has figured out if he lays down while he throws one, it usually comes back to him. He spent thirty minutes in his room playing this game Tuesday night! I love that he is getting better at entertaining himself.

5.10.10 Somersault!

Jakob does this all the time. I always say "sommersault" and push him over, which he usually loves. Sometimes I think it hurts him though so I try to be careful when I do it. I can't wait for the first time he rolls on his own! He also will get in this position in front of Riley, then pick up one foot and shove it in his face. When Riley licks his toes he cracks up. He will keep shoving his foot in the poor dogs face until he falls over laughing. He has really started to enjoy playing with the dogs this week. He likes to torment Peanut until she chases him, and then he does laps around the kitchen, through the playroom and living room, and so on, all the while screaming like a little girl with the schnauzer in hot pursuit. Check it out...

Monday, May 10, 2010

5.9.10 Mother's Day

What a great day it was. Unfortunately Jeff had to work lunch, so I did not get to sleep in, but he did take care of Jakob in the evening and let me go to bed early! He also won magor points by getting me a 2 1/2 hour massage and facial at my favorite fancy spa. Jakob gave me an itunes gift card. Then we both got dolled up and went to Daddy's work to have lunch. They had a photographer there who took our picture (luckily before we ate and Jakob became a mess).

5.8.10 Young Artist Showcase

This weekend I got to go to a ceremony for three of my students who I submitted into an art showcase. It was done by State Representative Carol Kent and her crew and all of the artwork showcased gets to go hang in the capital for a short time. The ceremony was sweet, each student got to go up and shake her hand and recieved a cool certificate. As a suprise, they gave all of the teachers certificates too. My favorite thing though was seeing the ear to ear grins on my students faces and their beaming parents. It warmed my heart!

5.7.10 Jakob Makes Me a Gift

When I picked Jakob up from daycare on Friday, they handed me this. They said he made them for me, but I wonder how much he did really... The gesture was so sweet though and It was the highlight of my afternoon.

5.6.10 Teacher Appreciation

I always love when my students bring me flowers, and this year was no exeption. A fourth grade girl brought all of her teachers these beautiful flowers. I also recieved a 2.2 lb box of delicious chocoalate truffles (which I am trying to share with everyone and have only ate 3 so far!), and a cute Super Teacher broach. I love my kids!

5.5.10 Cinco De Mayo

Since I am not teaching art this year, I was not asked to do art projects in every grade (what a relief). However, first grade was struggling to find the time to finish this flag, so I told them they could work on it in my class. We spent 2 hrs working on it in my class, and I spent nearly an entire day drawing and coloring the Eagle for the center. It was one of the focal points in the cafeteria though at our festival on the weekend!

5.4.10 Circle, Square, and Triangle

Jakob is obsessed with coloring, and will draw any time you let him. He always wants you to color with him though, so lately I have been drawing a circle, square, and triangle to try and teach him his shapes. When he points at them I tell him what they are. I usually also draw a fish because I can point at it and ask him what it is and he replies "ish!"

5.3.10 My Sanctuary

Possibly my favorite room in the house, our bedroom. I love relaxing in our king size bed, and seem to be craving more naps lately, so I thought this would make a nice picture! ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5.2.10 Jakob's New Playground

This weekend Jeff and I tackled a big project. We decided Jakobs play fort needed to be safer, so we made a yard of rubber mulch for him. As any home improvement project goes (or at least mine) it ended up costing more than expected, but it is totally worth it. Jakob was so excited he immeadiately ran and climbed up to slide down the slide, and then repeated this about four times! Usually he only stands on top of it-which is why I wanted to do the yard. I was worried about him falling, but this should protect him up to a 3 ' fall at least, which is all he needs. We are going to put his pool on the other side when it gets warmer, or maybe even put the slide into the pool! Oh the possibilities! This is so much better than the lame garden I tried last year!

5.1.10 Hanging Out at Home

What better way to spend a Saturday than being lazy. I was able to take a nice long nap in the afternoon, and still take Jakob for a walk in the evening. We played at home the rest of the night, and I tickled Jakob, who was also laying around on the floor. He was laughing so hard and I was able to snap a few good shots with my free hand while we goofed around.

4.30.10 Window Shopping

I took Jakob to the mall to let him play in the toddler area for the first time. He loved it, but there were of course three teenage boys playing gangbangers in there. There was a huge sign that said you had to be ten years or under 42" to play in there, so the old lady in me was pretty annoyed. I had to stay right by Jakob becuse he was the littles kid there. Then we walked around the mall and did some window shopping. I am pretty sure he spotted at least 15 balls while we walked, and ended up wearing me down. I wanted to buy him a soccer ball, but he would have no part of it. He wanted a Mavs basketball instead, so I bought it for him.

4.28.10 The Ninja

Today when I came back to work from lunch, I found this little ninja waiting on my desk. I don't know why I found this so funny, but I could not stop laughing. After another long TAKS day, I picked Jakob up early and took him to the park for some much needed fun. He had a blast climbing things meant for big kids, including this huge slide. He didn't want to go down it though, just sit at the top, much to the dismay of the other kids.

4.27.10 It had to be the Snowcone!

This week at school, the kids are taking the TAKS test. Since Meaghan is on maternity leave, I had to administer the test to her kids both today and tommorrow. Tuesday is usually one of my slow and easy days. Instead though, I had about 20 minutes for lunch, and then my planning period at the end of the day, they tried to make me watch someone else's class. I threw a fit (cause thats what I do best), and they found someone else, I was very grateful for that, but also highly stressed out. I decided I needed to get away, so I went to my favorite shaved ice place and bought my first snowcone of the season. Then I went home and sat on the couch. At 4, I drove back to work to clock out. It certainly helped me "chill" out.