Saturday, May 22, 2010

5.17.10 Ultrasound Day!

Provided today went well, I was ready to announce my secret to the world. We went in after I got off work for an ultrasound and confirmed my due date within two days of what I had guessed. Look's like baby #2 is in the works, due 1-11-11 (how cool of a due date is that!). They dated this picture at 5 weeks, 6 days, and although it was just a flicker, they were able to detect the heartrate, which was beating at 109 beats per minute! We go back in one week for our first true appointment with the doctor.

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. I wondered if you might be pregnant when you made a comment about needing more sleep a few posts back.
    I hope you have a happy, healthy 9 months!!