Saturday, October 30, 2010

10.30.10 The Fake Van

So I had to take the van in to get the leather installed (finally!). Jeff and I traded cars so he could take it in for me. When I went to pick up Jakob Thursday in the Caliber (my old car), he threw the biggest fit ever. It took me like 5 minutes to get him off the pavement and into his carseat because he was fighting so much. I was so embarrassed. All the way home he cried and said over and over again, "". The dealership gave us a loaner car while ours is getting worked on, and this is a picture of what it looks like. It is a brand new Dodge Nitro. I really liked the look of this car when we were shopping around, but it does not have a third row seat, so we never really looked at it. After driving it a few days though, I do not like it so much. When I picked up Jakob on Friday though, I told him we had a fake van today (because of course he asked about the van the minute I walked through the door). He seemed okay with this idea, and got peacefully into the Nitro. Now all weekend when he asks about the van I tell him "No honey, we have the fake van this weekend, remember?" When we go somewhere he talks to himself and every once in a while I hear him say "fake van". He cracks me up.

Friday, October 29, 2010

10.29.10 Jakob's Art

Daycare sends art projects home about every two weeks. I never know what to do with them since at this age they are pretty much scribbles. I save a few but most just get tossed. My sister mentioned I should take pictures and lo and behold, today they sent home about 5 projects. This was my favorite of the batch and explains why he has suddenly started saying squirrel!

10.28.10 Pumpkin Party!

It is that time of the year again, time to carve our halloween pumpkins! I wasn't going to do one, but at the last minute decided I wanted to. I had to rush around alot after work to get things cleaned up, decorated and go to the store to get a pumpkin. It was worth it though, because I had alot of fun with my fantastic family. Mom brought over this candy bowl that is motion sensored. Jakob played with it for like 30 minutes, laughing hysterically everytime the hand grabbed him. It was too darn cute.

10.27.10 Hello Finger!

Jakob's favorite new bathtime game is to stick his finger through the hole in this cup and wiggle it at you while screaming HELLO FINGER! It is pretty darn funny.
In other news, I got a call from the nurse I saw this weekend, and yes indeed, I do have gestational diabetes once again. The protein count was normal though, so as of yet, no preeclampsia-which is great because it was way too soon! I have to repeat all these tests (minus the three hour four pokes one) everytime I get symptoms though. I have become very lazy at work, and try to stay sitting as much as possible. I don't want to balloon back up, and am really worried about getting put on bedrest and losing pay.

10.26.10 Baby Bedding

After my shower, I got online and ordered my bedding. I knew filling the empty crib would help make the room start to come together. When it arrived today, I could barely get it washed and put on fast enough. I love it so much and am starting to grow on the color pink...although I am definately glad the walls are yellow. This way no matter how much pink I use, I don't think it will make me want to vomit! =) Jakob seems to like it to, and constantly wants to pretend like he is going to bed in the crib. He looks funny all wrappend up under pink blankets.

10.25.10 The Human Pin Cushion

I had to take the three hour glucose test today when visiting the doctor again. It really sucked because I HATE needles. They had to draw blood four times (once every hour), plus did a finger stick. The good news though, was not only was my swelling virtually gone, my blood pressure still looked good, and my tests from friday came back clear. I lost three pounds (all of which was the swelling that had ballooned me out so much) over the weekend even! Now I just have to wait to hear about the two tests from today.

10.24.10 Thank God for Family

I am so lucky to have both of Jakob's grandparents close, as well as his Tia and Tio. Thanks to them all, I was actually able to stay in bed and relax without worrying about Jakob. I know he had a fun weekend too, spending time with all his loved ones. These are a few pics I just love that my sister took today while Jakob visited her and Tio.

10.23.10 Cereal, from a bowl, with milk?!

Okay, since I was confined to bed all weekend, I will confess I recreated ths photo. While Jeff was gone, I of course had to take Jakob to daycare, at about 7 am when he usually goes at about 10. This meant breakfast at daycare rather than home. They gave him cereal in a bowl with milk to see how he would do. He took to it immeadiately. It was so cute to see him sitting there at a table, watching cartoons and eating cereal, from a bowl, with milk and a spoon! He was so delicate with it too! What a cutie! I can't believe how big he is!

10.22.10 Off to see the Doc

My doctor was of course booked solid, so I saw her nurse. When she saw how swollen I was, she was immeadiately concerned. My blood pressure was okay, but my glucose test had come back failed. She did bloodwork to check for pregnancy induced hypertension, started me on a 24 hour collection for protein counts, and told me to stay in bed as much as possible through the weekend. On Monday, I would come back for test results, more tests, and to see how I was doing. I couldn't help but cry even though I knew this would all be coming. I just hate being stressed out and worried, and know what they next two months are going to be like. This is definately the last time I want to be pregnant.
On the funny side, they had a pumpkin contest, and there were some pretty creative entries to look at in the waiting room. This one I thought was great, but the longer I stared at it, the more I flopped about whether it was humorous or offensive. I think I still lean towards humorous, after all it is pretty clever, but at an OBGYN? Hmmm.....

10.21.10 And now we apply pressure...

How fitting that the picture of this vat of squeezed grape juice was taken about the same time I began to feel awful and swell from my own squeezing pressure. I could not have been more ready for Jeff to come home, I knew I needed to go see my doctor immeadiately. I was having headaches, swelling, numbness-all symptoms of preeclampsia. I started to enter freak out mode.

10.20.10 Got Grapes?

Wowie thats alot of grapes.

10.19.10 Napa Valley in the Fog

Just a vineyard over looking valley filled with morning fog...nothing special. Okay okay, it's pretty fantastically gorgeous but whatever.

10.18.10 Daddy Vacation

Well it feels a little wierd to use pictures from someone else's trip that I didn't take, but since Jeff stole my camera for his trip, I have no choice. He did get some pretty cool pictures, and I guess he is part of my This is him bright and early harvesting grapes in Napa. And yes, he thinks he is quite special. Apparently only about 30 people from around the country get invited on this trip each year, and he was one of them this year. Whoop de doo. No I am not jealous at all. ;)

10.17.10 Breathing Treatments

Jeff took Jakob to the doctor yesterday for several issues, but came home with more than I bargained for. They said Jakob was finally old enough to do something about his forever cough. They said he has reactive airway diesese, which from what I understand is just a big umbrella word for alot of breathing crap. He has to do two treatments a day now for a month, and then one a day for another month. After that, hopefully it will be cleared up. Jeff is about to leave town, but luckily was around to learn this new thing with me for one day! We thought it would be awful, but Jakob actually does pretty good most of the time. The treatment takes about ten minutes, and he tends to get bored before it's over. Coloring and stickers have worked most of the time, and one trip to the naughty chair helped the rest of the times. =) I love the naughty chair. I can't believe how well he has taken to it-but that's a whole other story.

10.16.10 Baby Shower

My wonderfully awesome friend Megan threw me a baby shower this weekend. It was a small gathering, but fun all the same. A friend from work brought her three boys, so Jakob had fun playing with them and behaved pretty well, considering all the m&m's I saw him being secretly slipped!

Plus I got to squeeze on Finn! He is so adorable and getting big quick!

Both my mom and Jeff's mom got to feel the baby move!

Jakob and I shared some down time on an awesome pig pillow.

And this is quite possibly the cutest hair bow I have ever seen!

10.15.10 Another Throwback

Another task done in Ashlyn's room-Jeff hung up a net for me and stuffed it with all (okay-most) of my care bears from when I was a kid.

10.14.10 Washing Baby Clothes

I feel like I am not making enough progress in the baby's room, so I decided it was time to tackle the closet. I spent an hour cutting off all the tags from clothes and washing things...and who knows how many more sorting them by sizes ans hanging and folding them and putting them away. What a chore!

10.13.10 Visit from Nana

Mom came over to visit, and Jakob was quite excited about sharing his new favorite channel on tv with her. I can't remember what they were watching, probably Diego or Blue's Clues.

10.12.10 GIMME!

Jakob will never let me take his picture anymore. As soon as the camera comes out, he wants to take it and press buttons. This was him pleading and trying his best to get it from me, which of course he succeeded. I really hope he gets his own for Christmas!!!

10.11.10 Squirrel Obsession

I don't think this one even needs an explanation. These are my dogs. This is the tree where the squirrels taunt and torment them. This is my dogs being obsessed with the obnoxious squirrel. Nuff said.

10.10.10 Dumpster Diving

When we went out to get the mail today, the neighbor two houses down had put this playset in their bulktrash. Jakob noticed it immeadiately and ran to it. So we went up to the door and asked them if it would be all right if we took it. I drug it back to the house, and realized it was so warped, it wouldn't come apart, so it would not fit through any of the gates or doors. Jeff had to pick the whole thing up and throw it over our fence when he got home from work! Our backyard looks like a daycare now, and Jakob refers to it as a park! He doesn't know what to do first when we go out there to play.

10.9.10 Grumps Come in Two's

Today Jakob and I took Amber and Torie to the zoo. They were both pretty cranky for a good part of the outing, but it was still nice to see the two of them. This is the only picture I took, and they were neither one too happy about it. I tried to take a picture when they fed the giraffes, but it just didn't happen. Jakob ran up to the fence and the giraffe just leaned over and started taking the lettuce from his hand. I couldn't believe how brave he has gotten since the first time, both Jakob AND the Giraffe!

10.8.10 The New "Man"

Since I took a picture of the van confident it was not what we were going to buy last weekend, I felt it would be silly to take another pic of the samevehichle today after we purchased it! That's right, I am a 30-something soccer with it. I had too. =) I have looked at so many of these stickers comparing options and prices and models and features and on and on, but this one had pretty much everything I had to have, except leather seats, but we worked it into the deal to have the cloth replaced ASAP. And no, I didn't pay sticker price...I got a hookup baby! We all have grown to love the van for sure, but no one more than Jakob, who calls it the "man" and asks me about it first thing after "hi" every day I pick him up from daycare. He loves to push the buttons to open and close his door, and he is so adorable doing it. I never thought I would like driving a minivan, but I must admit, I really do!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

10.7.10 Another Art Wall

One of my favorite projects, as well as the kids, is a tracing packet where they get to design their own monsters. I do it with all grades every year just for fun. This year I picked about 30 of the best and hung them up for the whole school to see outside my room in the hall. It's pretty cute and I love seeing students and teachers alike stopping to admire the art!

10.6.10 Jakob's First Photo

Jakob has moved on from saying "cheese", to demanding that he be the one taking the picture. The problem is, he has no idea how to do it. I showed him how to push the button, and this is what he took. I have to work on getting him t turn the camera around!

10.5.10 Finally Cool Weather!

This morning I actually thought I should have grabbed a jacket on my way out, but I was too happy to not be hot to care. When I was driving to work I was pleasently suprised to see the temperature on my car reading. Nice!

10.4.10 State Fair

One of our favorite days of the year is our annual trip to the State Fair, and this year was no exception. Jakob had such a good time, especially looking at cars. He was so funny because he refused to sit anywhere but the drivers seat, and would run to every car to sit in it. We made him sit in the back of one of the minivans though, since we were trying to shop a little too, but he loved it....he loves minivans! We ended the night on the midway, where he was overwhlemed by the lights and the rides and the games-of course it was also an hour past his bedtime. We knew he wouldn't ride any of the rides, but thought maybe we could do a fun house with him. Unfortunately he was about 4 inches to short. He got to try his first taste of cotton candy too, which he thought was funny, but wasn't all that crazy about eating it. All day I had seen people carrying these big fat ball farm animals (sheeps and cows) and I wanted to win one desperately for Ashlyn's room, since it has a farm theme. When I found a game with them, I tried three times to win (at $5 a piece). Finally I asked the carnie what I had to do to get a prize, or how many times I had to play before he took pity on my unborn child. It was very shady, and he basically let me slip him $5 cash for an "instant win". It was the most corrupt thing I have ever done at the fair, buying a prize from a carnie! I was so happy though. The pigs looked too bright pink, I could have swore they were more pastel, so I chose the cow instead. As we walked away, about twenty feet later, I see another game with the same stuffed animals, only sliughtly different-or way cuter! The colors were more accurate, and I immeadiately realized they were the ones I had been seeing all day. I was so mad that my shady deal had went south. What can you do though? I paid $20 for the wrong fat farm animal! Boo!

10.3.10 Moody Family Reunion

We drove down to Waco today for Jeff's family's reunion. It wasn't as much fun as some of the past years, but I think its because alot of the younger folks were not there. Traffic was terrible and Jakob was a nightmare on the drive down, so we were pretty stressed when we got there too. It was good to see family we don't get to see very often though, even if only briefly.

10.2.10 The Arboretum

I lopve the arboretum in October...the pumpkins are so much fun, and the photo ops are endless. This year, unlike last year though, Jakob wasn't that into taking pictures. We still managed to get a few good shots, especially from the pics my sister and Juan took (I am totally jealous of their cameras). The top one is one of hers, and that is by growing belly at 26 weeks, one week from seven months compared to a pumpkin Jeff thought was an accurate size comparison. I think it is a sweet shot and love it very much (although I still think the pumpkin was too big!).

10.1.10 A Bunny for Baby

This is Pinky. I made her at Build a Bear for Ashlyn. For the first 8 or 9 months with Jakob, I took his picture on the 11th every month beside his Build a Bear Bear-Brady. It was fun to see how much he was growing every month, and I want to do the same with Ashlyn. I decided to make her a bunny though, since my favorite stuffed animal was a rabbit as a kid, and named her Pinky because that was Jeff's favorite stuffed animal as a kid.

9.30.10 Weekend Test Drive

We have been shopping around pretty hard core for a minivan, and are torn between wanting a new one and being able to afford an old one. Jeff's best friend Nabeel, works for Dodge now though, so he had me come out and look at the Grand Caravan. He let me take it home for the weekend, but I knew it was too much, and besides, I don't like red. After talking to Jeff we came to an agreement we needed to go the used route. It was kinda fun driving sucha nice van though....hmm.

9.29.10 Another Package

Today the Care Bears arrived. My favorite was always Grumpy Bear, which is the only one I couldn't get. Apparently I wasn't the only on who liked it the best. This grouping I bought for about $25, where as Grumpy alone is that much. I will get him though, just not right now.

9.28.10 Blast from the Past

When I found out I was going to have a daughter, I became obsessed with giving her all of my favorite toys from my childhood. The problem is, I gave pretty much all of them away. I sat down the other night though and ebayed my heart out trying to win some Care Bears and My Little Ponys. Today I got my first package in the mail, the ponies. It took me a while to get them cleaned up and their hair brushed out, but I can't wait to play with them with her!

9.27.10 Nature Hike

Jeff has been wanting to take Jakob on a hike on some trails lately, so today after work, we did just that. I don't think Jakob was that impressed, but he still had fun. He found a stick and carried it for most of the hike. At the beginning/end of the trail, there was a crummy playground, and of course he wanted to play on it. Despite our awesome supervision, he managed to fall off of the thing from about three feet in the air. It was pretty scary, but luckily the only thing that he seemed to hurt was his pride. After a quick hug and check, he was squirming to get out of daddy's arms and run back up the stairs to go down the slide again. HE may not have been scared to go back up, but we will not be taking him to that park again since it is not safe.

9.26.10 Inspired and Lucky Again

Inspired by Mom's find at the garage sale yesterday, I went to one today and found this beautiful dollhouse bookcase. It needs a little paint but is in GREAT shape and perfect for Ashlyn's room. We can use it as a shelf now and she can play with it as a real dollhouse later when she is older. It is from pottery barn and retails for $400, but I paid $75! Score!

9.25.10 Jakob's New Ride

Mom drove by a garage sale and saw this car along with a big springy horse and bought both for Jakob for quite the steal. Jakob loves them both, especially the car, which had a hard time making it outside. He rolled it all over the house first, honking its horn and saying "vroom vroom, beep beep."

9.24.10 Dallas World Aquarium

My sister called to see if we wanted to go to the arboretum to see the pumpkins this weekend, and we were pumped to go. At about 4am though, I was awoken by thunder, and it rained all day, never stopping. We decided to still all go out and do something though, and Mom had never been to the aquarium. Jakob loves going there and seeing the fish, so it was a fun afternoon and the rain couldn't spoil that. We will try the pumpkins again next week.

9.23.10 The Stripes

It was definately alot more work than I had anticipated to get the wall striped. I had to go up and down the ladder sooooooo many times taping out the lines. It took forever, but the painting took like 5 minutes. When I [ulled the tape off though, it was well worth it. I lvoe the way it looks and I think it is perfectly balanced between subtle and visible!

Friday, October 8, 2010

9.22.10 Yellow!

I love the color I picked out, and once all the pink is in there, I know I will love even more that the walls are not pink! The yellow looks so beautiful and warm and cheery, especially when the sun shines in during the day. Next up, striping the accent wall.

9.21.10 Let the Painting Commence!

My goal this week is to get Ashlyn's room painted. I started tonight by prepping the walls and draping the furniture. Bring on the paint!