Saturday, October 9, 2010

10.4.10 State Fair

One of our favorite days of the year is our annual trip to the State Fair, and this year was no exception. Jakob had such a good time, especially looking at cars. He was so funny because he refused to sit anywhere but the drivers seat, and would run to every car to sit in it. We made him sit in the back of one of the minivans though, since we were trying to shop a little too, but he loved it....he loves minivans! We ended the night on the midway, where he was overwhlemed by the lights and the rides and the games-of course it was also an hour past his bedtime. We knew he wouldn't ride any of the rides, but thought maybe we could do a fun house with him. Unfortunately he was about 4 inches to short. He got to try his first taste of cotton candy too, which he thought was funny, but wasn't all that crazy about eating it. All day I had seen people carrying these big fat ball farm animals (sheeps and cows) and I wanted to win one desperately for Ashlyn's room, since it has a farm theme. When I found a game with them, I tried three times to win (at $5 a piece). Finally I asked the carnie what I had to do to get a prize, or how many times I had to play before he took pity on my unborn child. It was very shady, and he basically let me slip him $5 cash for an "instant win". It was the most corrupt thing I have ever done at the fair, buying a prize from a carnie! I was so happy though. The pigs looked too bright pink, I could have swore they were more pastel, so I chose the cow instead. As we walked away, about twenty feet later, I see another game with the same stuffed animals, only sliughtly different-or way cuter! The colors were more accurate, and I immeadiately realized they were the ones I had been seeing all day. I was so mad that my shady deal had went south. What can you do though? I paid $20 for the wrong fat farm animal! Boo!

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