Friday, October 29, 2010

10.8.10 The New "Man"

Since I took a picture of the van confident it was not what we were going to buy last weekend, I felt it would be silly to take another pic of the samevehichle today after we purchased it! That's right, I am a 30-something soccer with it. I had too. =) I have looked at so many of these stickers comparing options and prices and models and features and on and on, but this one had pretty much everything I had to have, except leather seats, but we worked it into the deal to have the cloth replaced ASAP. And no, I didn't pay sticker price...I got a hookup baby! We all have grown to love the van for sure, but no one more than Jakob, who calls it the "man" and asks me about it first thing after "hi" every day I pick him up from daycare. He loves to push the buttons to open and close his door, and he is so adorable doing it. I never thought I would like driving a minivan, but I must admit, I really do!

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