Monday, March 22, 2010

3.22.10 Passed Out Toddler

I was so glad that Jakob was feeling better, and then today he had his 15 month checkup. They gave him two vaccines in the thigh. He has never had much reaction to vaccines, other than being drowsy. Tonight though, he was running a fever and so sore in the leg that he would not take more than a couple steps, limping. Then he just cried and cried until I held him. Even then if I moved his leg at all, he would whimper. I layed on the couch and popped in baby einstein first moves (his fav!) and we watched it twice before he passed out on me. I then slid him to the floor to go eat dinner, and he stayed there passed out until bedtime. Poor little guy. I just want him to feel good and be happy.

3.21.10 White Family Day

Haha, that is a funny title.
Anywho. Sundays are now our "family days" since Jeff and I have a coinciding day off for the first time, um...ever! We didnt have any plans in particular, but we were quite shocked to wake up and see the blanket of snow in our backyard. Snow is so rare here, and this late, it was madness! I hope the geckos didn't all die! I was worried a little because everything had been blooming and such, but the snow didn't stick around very long. Most of it was melted by the end of the day. It did make it quite cold though and dash any hopes of going to the park or outside to play. After a very long long week of Jakob being sick, he has finally started to act like himself (and be happy!) again. He kept climbing into the box from our book fun yesterday, and before you know it, Jeff and I were sliding him across the floor to each other. He was cracking up! It was pretty fun family time, even if it was hell on our arm muscles.

3.20.10 More Free Books?!

Jeff thought the free books sounded fun, and since I know what I am doing now, I thought the two of us might be able to really rake in some goodies for Jakob-he LOVES books! It was raining which helped keep some of the crazies away and made it a bit easier. We ended up with two boxes again, although this time they were nearly all for Jakob. The best find this week was a Cars board book with one of those magnetic drawing boards on it, he loves it! That will be great for in the car. I decided to put them all in a cabinet since we have a few that are empty. Now he has his own little library! I love it!

3.19.10 She's Out of His League

On Friday we took advantage of daycare and Jeff and I went on a date. We planned on seeing Alice in Wonderland, but of course it was sold out, so we ended up seeing She's Out of His League, a silly romantic comedy. It was okay...the best part though was that it was rated R so all the bazillion kids lurking everywhere were not at this movie! In fact there were only six or seven other people in the theatre!

3.18.10 You aren't allowed to do that!

On Thursday of Spring Break, mom and I decided to take advantage of the new zoo membership and go walk around the Dallas Zoo. We had free tickets to ride the carosuel-which of course I left in the car. We were all hyped up though, so Mom bought more tickets and we rode it anyhow. The stupid guys working didn't bother to tell us Mom and Jakob were not allowed to ride on the same horse till after the ride had started...too bad too late. I wasnt about to try and move him and lose my balance, so we just endured the stares until our ride was over.

3.17.10 Return of the Geckos

One of my favorite things about living in Texas, is the geckos that are everywhere in the spring and summer. They hang out on our bathroom window waiting to catch bugs when we turn on the lights. Its fun to watch them, although I will say I think its creepy how transparent their skin is when they are small!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3.16.10 Spring Break, or Work?

Since Daycare is open, I had time to do the much needed yardwork. I raked leaves for what seemed like forever. Jeff and I bagged 6 huge lawn bags of leaves, and I pruned off tons of dead branches. Now I just have to haul it all to the curb and schedule a bulk pickup! Jeff mowed, and once I get the rest of the weeds dug up, I can mulch. Then it's just maintaining through the summer. I want to buy a garden hose winder for the front yard this year, I have loved having the one in the back yard.

3.15.10 Welcome Home Flowers

My hubby often buys me flowers when I am out of town, but I was still delighted to see these beauties on the table when I got home Late Monday night. Thanks baby!

3.14.10 Why I Chose Emporia

With such little time to spend in Kansas, I chose to drive to Emporia. Elizabeth agreed to drive down from Lawrence to meet me for lunch, after which we did some serious reminiscing. We also got to see some awesome groundhog action at the zoo. We laughed pretty hard, you would think we were 16 or something! When Elizabeth had to leave, I spent the evening and crashed with Lynzee and Mason. It was so nice to see so many of my friends, I just wish-as always-I could have stayed longer.

3.13.10 All About Danielle

Saturday was a celebration for one of my dearest friends. We started celebrating at noon while we were decorating her house for the Bridal Shower. I was amazed at how many people came to her shower, she has a huge family! Her sister made some awesome food and a BEAUTIFUL cake. Immeadiately after the shower, we went to a club called the Shadow and watched the Banned play. Age got the best of me though, as I called for a ride home at 10:30! The bride was home shortly after though, so I didn't feel as bad. We did get to share a drink (don't worry Rich-it wasn't out of the same glass)and take a really cute picture together! Finally, I can replace the one on my fridge! Congratulations to my wonderful Danielle!

3.12.10 Leaving Texas

Friday at 3:30, I left work early to go pick up my sister. We carpooled to Wichita, KS-usually about a six hour drive. Thanks to early Friday Spring Break traffic, and four construction zones in Oklahoma, we didn't arrive till 11:30! I dropped Jessica at her friends house and drove the last two blocks to Danielles alone. I was so tired!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3.10.10 Spring Blooms Again

As I walked to get the mail today, I realized our tree in the front yard was covered in blooms also! What a pretty sight! The grass is turning green and we have had some seriously lovely weather this week. I am so excited for spring break, and even more so for summer break! Bring on the relaxation!

3.9.10 Penguin Boy

After Jakob's bath, I wrapped the towel around his chest and tucked the end under. I usually just dry him off and let him run off naked and free until I can chase him back down with a diaper. I thought I would try this just to see what he would do. First he was hesitant to move. Then he started waddling. He looked like a penguin. Once he picked up some speed though, he managed to loosen the towel and it started slipping. He thought it was pretty funny, although eventually, he still ended up naked and free. At least we had a good laugh about it.

3.8.10 Changing up my classroom!

I have started a new unit at work with 3rd and 4th grade- they are putting on plays. I had to think long and hard on how to do this and ultimately decided they needed centers they could rotate through. In order to do this and have playing space in my itty bitty classroom, I had to do some serious manuvering of desks and chairs. It took forever, 3 different attempts before trying something that seemed successful. I dont really like it, but it will have to work for at least the next 6 weeks, and heck, then there will only be four more weeks till summer so it will probably stay like this for the rest of the year. Man Alive! I can't wait till summer!

3.7.10 New Clothes

Nothing makes me feel as new as new clothes do! I had the perfect excuse last weekend-I needed new stuff to where to Danielles shower and bachelorette party. Of course while I was shopping I also picked up a cute little outfit for Jakob on Easter. I ended up with three new shirts for me, a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, plus Jakob's outfit! And on top of it all, I got $20 Kohls bucks and can go shopping again!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

3.6.10 Free Books!?

I have often heard my coworkers talking about free book day. Its every Saturday at the Half Price Books warehouse/donation center. I think its where old books go to die. However, it was SO MUCH FUN! It was like a free for all, people were serious. I just grabbed stacks along with everyone else, hoping to get lucky and find a treasure. After my boxes were full I flipped quickly through my items, discarding anything that didnt hold appeal. Then it was like shopping. I went to my favorite areas and grabbed titles that sounded interesting. I came home with tons of books for Jakobs, including a few treasures. I got alot of parenting books, and I got lots of wine books for Jeff, even a cigar and a coffee book! I found a book about Saturday Night Live, and even a gift for a friend! Jakob had a blast going through the boxes, and for that matter so did Jeff and I. It was fun reading inscriptions people had written in books when giving them to loved ones. We definately want to do that again. The best find of the day though was a board book with holes in the middle for your face. For that reason I have lots of pictures today!

Also, it was a beautiful day, so we all went to the park, and after Jakob's afternon nap, we played outside a while.

Friday, March 5, 2010

3.5.10 Nuts in your face.

This is an everyday sight for me, Peanut is always in my face wanting attention. Today was no exception.

3.4.10 Pigs, Monkeys and the biggest scrapbook page ever!

I ordered Jakob a plastic piggy bank that he could use while he still had young clumsy hands. It is pretty cool. It came in the mail today. We spent 45 minutes transferring coins from his ceramic pig into this new one. He loves putting things in and the small opening ket him challenged.
At school, I kept myself challenged. I created the biggest scrapbook page ever as my bulletin board. It has two purposes, one is to showcase the photos of the kids at the African Dance, and the other is to get kids to want to join scrapbook club. I thought it would be so easy to do, but it was actually alot harder than I had expected. To begin with I completely underestimated just how enormous my board is. I didn't buy nearly enough paper. I struggled with haivng so much space when I am use to working with minimal space all the time! In the end it still came out pretty cool and I am super proud of it. I think I have a good shot at winning this round.

3.3.10 Spring has arrived!

I realize I have no authority to declare this to be so, but I still think it is here! It was so beautiful today Jakob and I didn't even need jackets to play outside. We had a good time pushing toys around the backyard.
The flowers are on this bush that I have hated since we moved in. I have often thought about digging it up. It always looks like a big mess. The last week or so though, it has bloomed all over bright pink flowers. I often find myself looking out at it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3.2.10 Grief and Shopping

Today I got this FANTASTIC idea for my next bulletin board at school, It is about my scrapbook club and also our African Dance night, but I dont want to give too much away since it will be my blog later this week. What I really want to talk about is my trip to the doctor. Today I had my checkup with my OB/GYN to make sure eveything is ok after the miscarriage. I havent thought much about it lately, other than that it was unfortunate, but I have kind of come to terms with it and moved on. Well as I was sitting waiting to be seen, I suddenly heard a baby's heartbeat on a doppler in the room next to me. It was the most beautiful sound ever, but it also instantly dissolved me to tears. Suddenly I became accutely aware that this was the appt I was suppose to be hearing our baby's heartbeat. I managed to get it together before the doctor came in, but I cried all the way home. It was an unexpected wave of grief. The doctor gave me permission to shop to help with sadness, instead of doing crack...haha. So i treated myself to the scrapbook section of Michaels. They had new papers and stickers, and it was super exciting. I was only suppose to get things for my bulletin board, but I ended up spending $40...oops. I have new things to work on Jakob's album with though, which is exciting. I was having scrapping block because of lack of materials, now I am excited to get to scrappin again!

Monday, March 1, 2010

3.1.10 I Rock

I PASSED the PPR!!!!!! I was so excited I could hardly focus on schoolwork. I am glad that anxiety is over and it should be a smooth ride from here to certification.

And my other awesome thing for today was the Bachelor season finale. I love this show, it is my guilty pleasure. Jake, this season's bachelor, is my idea of the hottest man ever. Here is a great picture of him looking conflicted and shirtless, but mostly HOT. Too bad he turned out to be a schmuck and picked Vienna.