Saturday, March 6, 2010

3.6.10 Free Books!?

I have often heard my coworkers talking about free book day. Its every Saturday at the Half Price Books warehouse/donation center. I think its where old books go to die. However, it was SO MUCH FUN! It was like a free for all, people were serious. I just grabbed stacks along with everyone else, hoping to get lucky and find a treasure. After my boxes were full I flipped quickly through my items, discarding anything that didnt hold appeal. Then it was like shopping. I went to my favorite areas and grabbed titles that sounded interesting. I came home with tons of books for Jakobs, including a few treasures. I got alot of parenting books, and I got lots of wine books for Jeff, even a cigar and a coffee book! I found a book about Saturday Night Live, and even a gift for a friend! Jakob had a blast going through the boxes, and for that matter so did Jeff and I. It was fun reading inscriptions people had written in books when giving them to loved ones. We definately want to do that again. The best find of the day though was a board book with holes in the middle for your face. For that reason I have lots of pictures today!

Also, it was a beautiful day, so we all went to the park, and after Jakob's afternon nap, we played outside a while.

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