Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6.28.10 Clown Shoes

One of Jakob's favorite pasttimes these days is to put on adults shoes, and walk about the house in them. He usually uses my house slippers, but today he managed to get my tennis shoes on (on the wrong feet mind you) and walked around in them. It was so funny. He looked like a clown!

6.27.10 New Game Room!

I finally finished the painting and Jeff and Nabeel got all the furniture moved in. The room went from having hardly anything in it, to being packed, but I really love it. I think it is my favorite room in the house now! We celebrated by playing a fun game of Risk, and the boys played video games after that. This is the only before picture I can find, and it's from the other side, but you can kind of see the difference!

6.26.10 Jen's Baby Shower

Jen had her baby shower today for her twin girls she is expecting within the month. It was probably one of the most fun showers I have ever been to, thanks to the funny old ladies who ran the games. Jen's brother Jason helped plan/organize the shower, and designed this cake for her. He insisted on it being two teirs, which meant it fed 50-60 people (there were only about 15-20 there)! I thought it was one of the cutest cakes I have ever seen though, with it's two little giraffes made of fondant. It tasted pretty good too!

6.25.10 Dog on a Dogskin Rug

Don't worry PETA, its a fake! I just thought it was so cute when I found peanut curled up on Jakob's dog blanket, resting her head on his little stuffed head. She looks pretty exhausted, but she does have to run away from Jakob quit frequently.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6.24.10 Going Bonkers

My favorite shot of Jakob taking one in the face, and cracking up about it!

Today I had a playdate in Lewisville with Amber and Torie. We went to a place called Going Bonkers, which is like an indoor jungle gym, with lots of nets and foam to keep it safe. They have a seperate play are for kids under three, and the equiptment is safe for adults too. At first Jakob seemed hesitant and a bit scared of everything. After some yummy chicken nuggets for lunch in the cafe though, he was ready to "go bonkers". He ran around screaming and laughing and nose-diving into the tunnels, and bouncing on the net trampoline...we had alot of fun. And man did he nap good on the ride home, and even mroe when we got there!

6.23.10 Let the Painting Begin!

I got started on the painting in our entryway and family/game room today, and immeadiately hoped I wouldn't regret the color choice. I hadn't really thought it was too dark until I started putting it on the walls. I think it is just such a change though that it will take a few days to get use to. Once I get the trim painted, and everything hung back on the walls, that will surely help too. The tan definately looks better with the carpet though than the sky blue did, and I love how much warmer the room feels now.

6.22.10 Shopping for a Dresser

I decided Jakob needs a dresser in his new big boy room (which we will be doing at the end of next month) and so I took Jakob shopping with me. We went to Rooms to Go Kids, and he had a ball climbing on all the kids size chairs. I wish I could buy him one, but the dresser is going to be expensive enough. I may have to scope garage sales!

6.21.10 Sugar High

I have been craving candy, dove chocolate especially for weeks. I am desperately hoping to avoid gestational diabetes with this pregnancy though, so I have been avoiding sugar like the plague since finding out I was pregnant. Well today was my first screening for it, so I decided to celebrate before the results came in with a big bag of chocolates. Once they are gone though, it's back to being good because I will be screened again at 28 weeks (assuming I pass this one). On the bright side, I have not gained any weight yet, and am almost out of the first trimester! GO ME!

6.20.10 Father's Day

Father's Day was pretty good to me this year...lol. It was Jeff's day to get up with Jakob, so I got to sleep in. When I woke up I could smell bacon...Jeff had cooked me breakfast. We gave Jeff our gifts (a dress shirt from me and new shoes from Jakob), and then he had to go to work for a few hours. When he came back, he decided to grill steaks for dinner. After 7 years of me complaining about being married to the only man in the world who doesn't know how to grill, he has finally learned! I told him if it meant two good meals, we could celebrate Father's Day any day of the year. He said I would have to buy him gifts though, so I decided that we should stick to one day a year. =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

6.19.10 Fixing the Hole!

I guess I should have taken a before shot too, but I forgot like always. The plaster part was pretty easy, and since I learned how to texture walls when redoing the kitchen last summer, it was easy too (just messy). I can't believe how good it looks, you can hardly even tell. Once we get the paint on, I bet no one will ever know there was a doorknob size hole in the wall! Go me! I love fixing things around the house!

6.18.10 Sprinkler Fun

Jakob showed no interest in the sprinkler at our house, but did enjoy the pool and practicing drinking out of a cup. Later I gave him the hose thinking he would run around with it, but he just stood there, watering the same square inch for five minutes. I finally gave up on enlisting his help with watering and turned it off. I think he looks so much like Jeff in the second picture though...too funny.

6.17.10 Finger Painting

I have been looking forward to doing this with Jakob all year. I prepared everything so I could keep an eye on him while he painted and not have to worrry about other stuff. As I pushed Jakob up to the table though, he reached out, grabbed a huge handful of blue paint, and shoved it in his mouth! I can't ever get this kid to try new foods, but paint, even though as I was scooting his chair to the table I said "Don't eat this," he doesn't even hesitate. I guess it's like telling me not to do something, it just makes me want to do it. He really enjoyed the painting though, and ended up pretty messy. He didn't so much like the taste of the paint however. Lesson learned. The rest of the time we were painting, he didn't try to eat any!

6.16.10 Our Four Year Anniversary

Jeff had to work the evening, and we had no one to babysit, so for lunch we went to one of our favorite hole in the wall italian places, with Jakob. It wasn't very romantic or even enjoyable, since Jakob was being needy. I didn't even remember to take a picture. We didn't go all out this year because next year we plan on going to Vegas and renewing our vows.
So in lieu of an anniversary picture, here's a hinge and doorstop! =) Still prepping to paint, the first major hurdle was fixing the doorstop issue and repairing the hole in the wall. I asked Juan and Jessica to come help me with the hinge because I was scared if I took the pin out, the whole door would fall off, but it didn't and he had the new doorstop installed in a matter of minutes.

6.15.11 The Backyardigans

I think this may be Jakob's first TV addiction. While I am not proud, I do find it amusing. It was one of my favorite kids shows before I had him, and I don't mind watching it with him. When the credits roll he actually startsto cry, but when he hears it come on he runs in beaming ear to ear and is transfixed.

6.14.11 Scrapbooking

Ever since the convention, my desire to scrapbook has been renewed. I have done 16 pages in the last ten days. This was one of my favorites though...it took all day, which for me is a long time. I used fibers and brads and tags, and even pulled out my sewing machine to stitch the pictures! It was worth it though, the end product looks pretty good! (End meaning I still have to do title and journbaling, which I always save for last.)

6.13.11 Worst Game of Monopoly EVER!

I am not a big fan of the game anyways, but Nabeel came over and the three of us love to play board games. This was my high point in the game, for me it never got any better. I was the first one out, pretty early in the game, though the boys played for another hour or so, Nabeel eventually was the victor.

6.12.11 Lori and Sean's Wedding

Lori and Jeff have known each other since they were 12. When we got married, she asked if she could bring her new boyfriend to our wedding. Four years later, we attended their wedding. It was a lovely ceremony and reception. The best was right before feeding each other cake through a clenched teeth smile, I heard Lori tell Sean, "If you smash it in my face, I will kill you!" He didn't listen of course, but she also didn't kill him!

6.11.10 New Toy Bins

I am getting ready to paint the playroom and entryway. I decided it would look nicer and be safer to have wicker bins to throw Jakobs toys into (and faster/easier to clean up)! I found these on sale for $15 each at Target.

6.10.11 Punching Ball

As much as Jakob loves balloons, I thought he would like a punching ball. I was right, it was love at first sight!

6.9.11 Baby Sign Language

I never really taught Jakob as much sign language as I wanted to, but he certainly learned the sign for "more"-probably at daycare. It's kind of annoying because he does it about 50 times a day. Even if his water or snack is half full, he wants more. The sign loses a little in photos, but its tapping your fingertips together (and apparently putting on a pathetic face).

6.8.10 Defensive Driving

It has been like ten years since I got a speeding ticket, but a couple of weeks ago, I broke the streak. I was going 59 in a 40...oops. At least it was under the 25 mph overage and I can take defensive driving to get it off my record. Though a pain, it at least is an online class, so I can break it up into small chunks once Jakob has gone to bed.

6.7.10 Microwave: Part Deux

Who would have thought we would be on our third microwave this year? I am beginning to think this house is where microwaves come to die...lol. This one was one of Jeff's friends who had an extra one laying around. Here's hoping it lasts longer than the new one we bought three months ago!

6.6.10 What's in your bag?

My purse is pretty large considering how little is in it. I have been using it for a while now though instead of a diaper bag. Though it is usually fairly empty, it can expand to hold a sippy cup, snack cup, diapers and wipes!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

6.5.10 My Loot

I finally had time today to unpack my bags and examine the goodies I bought at the convention yesterday. I was pretty suprised at how much stuff I really got. It covered my whole table!!! I can't wait to start using it now!

6.4.10 Scrapbook Convention

My sister invited me to the scrapbook convention in Arlington with her, and I was happy to go again after missing out the last several years.It was pretty exhausting and overwhelming, but we sure got some good deals on some super cute things.

6.3.10 Breaking out the Maternity Clothes

Though I wasn't quite ready for this, I've actually managed to not put on any weight (yet), I wanted capri's to wear for the summer. I knew I had a few pairs in this box, so I decided it was better on my pocketbook to start wearing them, then to go buy new ones that I probably won't be able to wear but a month more anyhow. Unpacking the box though, I really felt like I just packed it away a few months ago. Time sure flies.

6.2.10 Momo

Jakob loves my chicken dance elmo. He calls him Mo-mo, but he is pretty cute when he talks to Momo. I can't wait for him to start doing the dance!

6.1.10 Hawaiian Falls, Attempt #1

I thought with as much as Jakob loves the water, he would love the water park. He liked it for about 15 minutes, but they had this huge bucket that fills with water and every five minutes or so it dumps. Even though it never got him wet, it freaked him out until he couldn't do anything but cling to me and cry. So we tried the lazy river, thinking it would not scare him, but he screamed all the way through it. I was pretty frustrated as I had planned on spending most of our summer there to keep cool. We are going to try again with Daddy next week.

5.31.10 Jeff Learns to Grill

At the last minute we decided to have Jeff's parents and grandparents over for a memorial day barbecue. Jon taught Jeff how to grill and the boys played dominoes. Us girls sat in the living room and chatted. It was a pretty pleasant afternoon.

5.30.10 Birthday Barbecue

I was beginning to feel better today, so I went over to mom's house for a barbecue. She had kept Jakob the night before, and Juan and Jessica came over too. Even Jeff got to go. It was nice to have the whole family together, and Jakob of course was our entertainment!

5.29.10 Super Mario Bros

This is what I wanted for my birthday, and it did not dissapoiont me. It is so much like Mario 3 was, but this is on the Wii. I have had alot of fun playing it and managed to beat it in two weeks!

5.28.10 Last Day of School!

Oh my how I have been waiting for this day! It was a half day and all we did was have field day all day. I was in charge of the tattoo booth, and I must have put 200 tattoos on. Luckily I had a parent volunteer helping me, or I never could have gotten all the kids done. It was so hot though, and I was so sick, and I ended up leaving early to go to Care Now. I had a pretty ferocious upper respitory infection that kept me in bed the first two days of summer.
My picture for the day is of a third grader throwing a pie in his teachers face. He was held back last year and she promised him if he passed this year he could do this...it was pretty funny. The kids sang a song about her getting a pie in the eye, but mostly it got in her hair and on her clothes.

5.27.10 My Porceilan Friend

I know this is a wierd thing to take a picture of, but I am running out of ideas completely, and when I thought, "What have I been up to lately?" All I could think of was my morning sickness that has plagued me the last couple weeks. So I figured since I spend a fair amount of time looking at this, I might as well use it as my photo today!

5.26.10 The Dumping Room a.k.a Nursery Before!

This is the room we will be turning into the new baby's nursery. It is currently our guest room, although with my copious amounts of stuff coming home from school for the summer, it has become the dumping grounds. I think I have alot of work ahead of me this summer...good thing we don't get too many out of town visitors! (although I wish we would!!)

5.25.10 Lesson Planning

I am so excited to go back to teaching art next year, that I have already started my lesson plans for next year! I'm hoping that by the time school starts, I am pretty much done with lesson planning for the year.

5.23.10 Giants of the Savannah

The Dallas Zoo opened a brand new exhibit this summer. Actually, it opens next weekend! Because we are members of the zoo though, we were invited to a sneak peek of the new stuff. It was really awesome, and soooo big. Which is great for our elephants. There are also pretty cool enclosures for the lions and cheetahs, and you can even feed the giraffes! Jakob is really starting to enjoy looking at the animals too, although he still calls most of them dogs. =)

5.21.10 Playing Dressup

I don't know why, but Jakob loves putting his daddy's hat from an old costume on. I managed to get a picture tonight, which is rare. Usually as soon as I go for my camera he stops whatever he is doing.

5.20.10 Limo to Chuck E. Cheese

Mr. Charles owed me lunch, and since he is in charge if special events, I had been bugging him about letting me go on the fundraiser lunch for kids who sold 5 or more boxes of chocolate. When I saw the limo pull up in front of the school, I tracked him down and demanded he let me go (I luckily had no classes that afternoon). It was my 2nd time being in a limo, but this one was much larger than the one I rode in the night of Jeff and I's wedding. We had a really good time playing games with the kids and eating our pizza.

5.19.10 Trashcan Kisses

A few weeks ago, mom gave us this mesh trashcan. We have yet to use it, but Jakob found a use for it. He likes to wear it as a hat or put it on our heads, and especially likes to give kisses through it. I hadn't thought it before, but now I think that may be kind of gross. Oh well. The things you do to make your kids happy!

5.18.10 Jeff turns 27!

I tricked Jeff into coming to work to help me load stuff up from my class, when really I had his gifts there hiding from him. He has been wanting to learn to grill, so I bought him a charcoal grill that is also a smoker. Jakob gave him a season pass to chill at the water park with us.