Monday, April 26, 2010

4.26.10 One Cool Dude

Ever since Jakob learned to use his hands, he has refused to leave his sunglasses on. He got these green sunglasses for Easter from his daycare, and all of the sudden, he loves sunglasses. He tries to put them on, but usually brings them to me to put them on for him. I was trying to teach him to wiggle them up and down and say "hey". He tried the wiggle, but not so much the "hey" part. We will have to keep workng on that one!

4.25.10 Burgers with the Bradleys

For family day this Sunday, we spent it with LOTS of family. The boys played pool and dominoes while the girls hung out outside or in the kitchen. Jakob loves watching the boys play pool, and was so excited when Jeff let him hold the cue. He looked like he was trying to shoot some balls himself. I don't think he is quite ready to enter any tournaments though!

4.24.10 Yeah Finn!

Today I went to visit Meaghan and Finn. I stopped by Central Market and picked up a prepared dinner for us all. Finn was still just as cute as when I saw him in the hospital, and I even remembered to take pictures this time. Meaghan and Michael are doing a great job at being his lucky parents. It was so nice to just hold him and smell that sweet baby smell again. And he stole his way into my heart when he gave me the finger just like Jakob used to do.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

4.23.10 No Good Day

Today was a hard day to find time to take a picture, and nothing really great happened anyhow. I am pretty sure I got a red light ticket at lunchtime, and my plans to go see Maeghan and Finn got mangled. The only bright spots were getting the mail and in the evening my sister came over and we drank some wine and visited. The mail brought me two exciting things, my favorite magazine, and a statement from Region X that made me feel like I may finally be near my certification! It's almost over!

4.22.10 Temper Tantrum Cycle

Believe it or not these picture were all taken within probably 2 minutes! Jakob hates letting me comb his hair and throws massive fits when I try. The first pic is such a time. But within seconds of throwing himself on the floor, he started smiling, and before I knew what even had happened to change his mood, he was cracking up. Toddlers are so wierd!

4.21.10 Delicate Eater

Lately I have been putting all Jakobs food on a plate and giving the plate to him.

He loves to be able to eat a little of this and then move on to something else. He eats with such delicate care. It cracks me up. He got excited and kicked his feet, and knocked his sippy cup over. He said UH OH and put down his spoon just to set his cup back up, and then went back to eating. How is he this big already!? I have two pics because I took one last week, but didn't get to use it, and this week when I found myself taking another picture that was practically the same, I realized I must think this is really cute or something!

4.20.10 Thriller Rehearsal

As a suprise for the students, one of our teachers choreographed a dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller, which she fearlessly taught to the other teachers (the cool ones anyway!) We practiced every morning all week and performed at the PTO program. It was my first time learning a choreographed dance (besides auditions in college) and I discovered I can't remember the steps! I get so excited and have so much fun I just end up bouncing off the walls. Oh well, it was still alot of fun.

4.19.10 Bulletin Board Masterpiece

For my last bulletin board of the school year I decided to coordinate it to the PTO program this week. Since the theme is the 80's, I asked all the other teachers to bring in a photo of themselves in the eighties. Then I scanned them and reprinted them all to be the same size, and poof! A bulletin board that has definately been of interest to our students and teachers alike! Yeah me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4.18.10 Sugar Ridge Road

Well today we had planned to go to the Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis. Due to the crummy weather it was a wash. A few miles away though on Sugar Ridge Road, we found these two huge fields for taking pictures in, and it was barely misting. With a little fantastic photo editing, it almost looks sunny! It was worth the drive for these pictures!

4.17.10 POTD Album

This week I finally got the first three months of my Picture Of The Day Album photos printed. I spent every free moment I had trying to get as much planned out as possible. I still have to do all the journaling, but most of the pictures are in order.

4.16.10 Beaten by Allergies

With very little warning (my nose started acting stuffy the night before), I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a semi. I could hardly breath, my head was a fog. I had to take something quickly! These were my choices as I called my boss to tell them I was not able to make it in. I woke up at about 5pm to get Jakob from daycare. It was a long fuzzy night, but I felt marginally better by Saturday morning.

4.15.10 Lunch Date

Today my hubby took my car to be repaired and then picked me up and treated me to lunch at Cheddars. It was nice and yummy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

4.14.10 Welcome Baby Finn!

Maeghan had her baby on monday, April 12th. On Wednesday, Coach Wesley, Mr. Charles, and I went to visit the happy new family in the hospital. Finn is absolutely perfect and sooo tiny...I can't wait for him to get big enough to play with Jakob!

4.13.10 Jakob's New Chair

My mom bought a little chair for her patio for Jakob to sit in (although he never really sits still!). It's so cute and matches her patio furniture. He was pretty excited about it, but only would stay sitting long enough for a couple quick pictures.

4.12.10 Eesh?

Eesh is how Jakob says fish. I figured this out because he started running into the kitchen and pointing at the shark poster and saying, "Eesh!" Everytime a fish comes on tv, or he sees one on his toys, he has to point it out to me, I love hearing him talk, I can't wait for sentences!

4.11.10 Texas Hill Country

What a beautiful day. The wineries we hit on the way home were all located in the heart of Hill Country, and it was absolutely beautiful. Between the more mature grapevines and the thick wildflowers blooming all over, it was an overwhelming day to take only one good photo. I ended up buying 11 bottles of wine, mom bought 13, and Jessica and Juan bought 24. It was fun, but too much of being in a car...phew.

4.10.10 Juan Joins the Jessica Club

What is with speeding!? Haha...Jessica did it over ten years ago on our way to the Badlands, and she too endured photos of the event. On our trip to Fredericksburg, maybe ten minutes after Juan started driving, he got pulled over for going 75 in a 70. My favorite part was when Juan asked the cop what the speed limit was and he replied, "70." Juan says "I was going 75 though." And then Officer Vangundy "That would be over 70." Luckily, the cop just gave Juan a warning and we were back to chasing booze in no time! =)

4.9.10 Cleaning out the Shed

Ou garage was becoming quite cluttered, so I decided it was time to clean out the dumpy rusty shed in the backyard and move some things into it. I had shoved Jakob's pool in there when it started to get cool last year, and he was thrilled to see it come back out. I can't imagine he could remember it, but he climbed in it nonetheless and refused to get out. In the meantime, I was able to clear out the shed, clean up the garage, and even spray for dandelions!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

4.8.10 Riley

This is our oldest dog Riley chilling in his chair. This is what he does best. He hates it when I take his picture though. He was kind of trapped tonight however, so I took advantage of it.

4.7.10 Wall of History

One of my favorite things about our house is the brick mantle. I love love LOVE interior brick, and the long mantle gave me lots of freedom to pile on precious photographs. Only the super special ones make it here, and for that reason I have them set up in chronological order.

4.6.10 I'm gonna get you mommy!

I took Jakob to the park today after picking him up from daycare. He always has such a good time crawling through the tunnels. Today though, he was mobbed by two little girls, maybe 3 and 7ish? They would not leave him alone...he is such a chick magnet.

4.5.10 Tooth Training

I have been trying to teach Jakob to brush his teeth, but he will have no part of the brushing. He will chew on the brush though, so I figure its a start. This has become our nightly ritual since he will no longer let us read to him before bed. After his bath I give him his hairbrush and toothbrush and he uses both while watching Baby Einstein. He generally messes his hair up more than he fixes it though. Tonight, for some reason he decided to sit in his boxcar baby box while doing all the above! He is so silly.

4.4.10 Easter at the Bradley's

Jakob made out pretty well this year from the Easter Bunny, but his favorite new toy is the pint sized broom. He loves to carry it all over the yard and sweep the patio with it. He also carries it with him on top of his playset. The down side is whenever he gets his broom, he makes me get mine. If I put it down, he gets upset and hands it to me again.
We went to Jeff's parent's house for Easter dinner. Jakob hunted eggs and wore himself out playing outside. Then he ate so much he got sick and barfed on the carpet. Good times. It was nice to see Jeff's grandparents though, and my mom went too which was a bonus!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

4.3.10 Bird's Egg Easter Basket

Today Jakob and I went to mom's to help her dye easter eggs for our easter dinner with the Bradley's. It seems the older I get, the less fun dying easter eggs is. Maybe once Jakob is able to help and not just be needy, that will make a difference. Plus, I think I was all crafted out from the can puppets. Regardless, they did turn out pretty freiken cute. I just hope my mom wasn't to annoyed by my less than enthusiastic attitude!

4.2.10 CanCan Girls and Cowboys

These are the puppets I made out of old formula cans for the puppet show. I love how cute they turned out, but hated all the extra work I had to do! I didn't even get to leave at 1:30 like everyone else. I wasn't able to finish up till almost 3!

4.1.10 Jakob's New Shoes

I finally found some cute sandals for Jakob to wear now that it is warming up. They were only $9 at Target!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

3.31.10 How much are they?

Well today the system screwed us. We have been jumping without delay through all the hoops trying to get our insurance switched since Jeff left the Ritz. They have been giving us the run around, and needless to say, that has left us without insurance. Jakob has been having the same ear infection for almost a month now and we have been through two rounds of antibiotics. The ear specialist told us to try one more round and then we will look into adnoid surgery. I went to get his prescription, and instead of the usual 5 or 10 bucks, it cost us $142. I was so upset. I hated paying that, but I just want my son to be better. I dont have any confidence in those stupid ear drops though anymore, and really just want to get on with finding something that will work.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

3.30.10 Jakob's New Obsession

Jakob loves eating with utensils! I can't believe how delicate he is (and slow). It is great though because eating is exciting for him again which means less things getting thrown on the floor and no more wars between child and mommy. I have been blending up his fruit cups just so he can practice his new addiction.

3.29.10 Ye Old West Saloon/Puppet Playhouse

I have been working on a project for the Turkish Olympiad this weekend. We have a booth that is supposed to be designed with a Texas theme. We decided to make a saloon and put on a puppet show. This is going to be the puppet stage. I am also working on the puppets at school-there will be three cowboys and three can can girls (and yes, they are made out of cans!) I am not sure how I got stuck with this project so late, but I am kinda enjoying it...just dont tell my boss that! =)

3.28.10 Nana's House

Jakob spent the night at Nana's on Saturday night. Sunday Jeff and I went to pick him up, but he was having so much fun in her backyard, he was reluctant to leave. She got a playset for her yard also, so Jeff and I helped her finish putting it together. Jakob loved it of course. He also loves climbing the steps to her spa and sitting on the top one. You can tell he thinks its pretty great by the cheesy, proud grin he gives when he sits down. What a cutie!

3.27.10 Dallas Blooms

Jessica invited me and Jakob to the Arboretum today with her, Juan, and Mom. I was really excited to go because I have never been when the tulips were blooming. It was so beautiful. Jakob enjoyed himself as always, and got to show off his new sumo wrestler impersonation. I had to leave early though to spend an afternoon at the spa with Meaghan getting pedis, and then went to her baby shower in the evening. A busy, but fun day for sure!

3.26.10 Ouchy!

I have been teaching theatrical makeup to my fifth graders. They learned how to give themselves black eyes last week, and now we have moved on to wounds. We are using special effects gel and fake blood made of corn syrup. It was pretty fun, I have never done this before. This was the first wound I created at home trying to learn how to teach it to the kids.

3.25.10 Can't Get Enough Spring

I feel like I take alot of plant pictures these days, but everything is so beautiful as it is blooming and growing. These are new baby leaves on a resilient little tree that his been chopped dwn numerous times. I like to let it grow because it is green, but once it reaches the fence height, we usually chop it off and it starts all over.