Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.27.10 Wrap Party!

With only a couple things left to buy, and the tree up and decorated, it was time to wrap the presents. It took forever, and unfortunately lots of our gifts this year are small, so they look slightly sad under the tree. Oh well, at least Jaob seems to be leaving them alone.

11.26.10 Black Friday

I was even more excited for the bargains on Black Friday than the food on Thanksgiving. I had mapped out my Toys R Us plan for weeks, been to the store to plot my map, and made list after list. There were four things I wanted, two were for Jeff and I, and we also told Jeffs parents and mom we would pick up something for them. TRU actually opened at 10pm Thanksgiving night, and we went at 9:15 expecting a line. What we saw was so far out of my expectations, first I was mad at myself for not taking a picture, but it would not have done it justice. There had to be 1500 people in line already. The line wrapped from TRU, past Babies R Us, past petco, around the side of the building, and continued on behind, wrapping back past petco, BRU, TRU, and even the home goods store. Maybe if it wasn't 38 degrees out, or if I wasn't 8 months pregnant, but I knew there was no way we were getting the doorbuster things I had wanted, heck we probably wouldn't even get into the store till midnight since there has to be a law about how many people can fit inside, and I knew all those people could not fit. So we went to a movie, and came back at about 1:30 We were able to get into the store, but still had to wait in a line that lasted about 1 hr. And the only thing we got from our list was the thing for Jeff's parents, which I found ironic. Oh well. On Friday, I did manage to run to Walmart for hot wheels, and Michaels for a scrapbook for Ashlyn, and Petsmart to look at an aquarium. It actually ended up being the best deal I got all day, because they were also out of the one advertised, but substituted the nicer one for it, so I got a $55 aquarium for $23! I also learned a valuable lesson which is parents are crazy, and I doubt I will ever try the doorbuster sale at TRU again!

11.25.10 Thanksgiving

I was pretty excited for Thanksgiving, but Jakob seemts to be hitting his terrible twos in full swing about now. It was just me and him all day until daddy came home at 4 to take us to his familys house for dinner. I tried to entertain Jakob, but he was so incredibly whiney. We did turkey hand art and made some cards for our dinner mates. They were pretty simple, but I think they turned out cute. Dinner was nice, but the best part was the company. Jakob didn't wan to smile for this picture, so I tickled him into submission.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11.24.10 Mr. Photogenic

For all the days Jakob won't let me get any good pictures of him, there are days like today where I get several. First thing in the morning, he insisted on wearing his hat. He has never even let me put it on him before, much less put it on himself...and to my delight, he put it on cute. He even let me snap this picture! After daycare, I took him for a much needed haircut, and he looks so handsome now. When we got home we went outside and he played in the leaves and in his car, and even swung on the hammock for a while. These were some of my favorite pictures.

11.23.10 Jakob Takes a Picture

Tonight I deep cleaned the living room and made room for the Christmas tree. While I worked, Jakob took about 100 pictures of his thumb and the ceiling, and amazingly enough, one of me. I am so glad his Nana is getting him his own camera for Christmas!

11.22.10 Peanut and Riley

I suppose they were both waiting for the local squirrel to make an appearance, but I thought it was so cute the way they were sitting identically, I had to snap this shot.

Monday, November 22, 2010

11.21.10 Art Wall #2

We finally finished our second unit at school, so it was time to change out the art gallery wall. I have not had time during the work week, and I promised the kids it would get done over Thanksgiving break. Since I have no business standing on chairs and reaching up high, I forced Jeff to help me this time around. I told him it would take us about 3 hours, but he didn't believe me. It took four. =) I am so glad its done and he didn't even complain too much, except to say, "After Ashlyn is born you will be able to do this on your own right?" While we worked, we let Jakob play with markers on a poster board and my dry erase board. That is probably what the picture should have been because the kid must have had 25 markers open and in his lap, and was COVERED in ink by the time we left. He managed to entertain himself the whole time though, impressive for a two year old.

11.20.10 Finally Finished!

I started on her room technically in June, but really started working on it anytime I had free time in September. Two exhausting months later, I am finally done and very much relieved. I think it turned out ok, or pretty cute. What do you think?

11.19.10 Change of Plans

The last two nights I have barely been able to sleep because of the pain in my lungs/chest area. I thought it was just the baby cramping things up, but at 4 am last ngiht, I was nearly
ready to go to the emergency room. Every time I breathed in I got an intense stabbing pain, and it did not feel right. I couldn't lay down because it made it much worse, so sat in the living room watching TV until I finally got exhausted enough to pass out. At school, the pain continued, added with my sleep deprivation, and I knew I had to go in to the doctor. I left work at noon, making Charles promise to take my hard worked eggs to the dinner that I would now miss. Boo. Of course I couldn't see my doctor on such short notice, so I saw a nurse. She did all kinds of tests on me to see what was wrong but came up with squat. She said the next step was to do an x-ray, but she really wanted to avoid that since it is very bad for the baby. Seh gave me antibiotics hoping it was remnants of my cold froma c ouple weeks ago, muscle fatigue and such, but warned me if it did not get better or if I started struggling to breath to go to the ER immeadiately. Luckily for me within 2 hrs of taking the first pill, I felt like the pain was lessening. Within 24 hrs, my congestion magically cleared and I felt better than I have in weeks. Yeah drugs!
I stopped by Hobby Lobby to get letters to make Ashlyns name for her room, one of the last projects to complete her nursery, on my way home. That night I started on the project and got so excited working on it, I ended up finishing it in one night. It is pretty cute and definately diffferent than how I did Jakob's name in his room, which is good.

11.18.10 Deviled Eggs...yum.

Tommorrow is our company Thanksgiving dinner, and for my part I signed up to make deviled eggs. It took me quite a bit longer than expected, but the taste test I had proved they were delcious (and oh so pretty)! I just wish I had something cute and harvesty to sit in the center of the serving plate. Oh well.

11.17.10 Visit from Meaghan and Finn

The second cutest little boy I know, came by with his mom today at school, and we were lucky enough to have a few minutes to sit and chat before my jobly duties called. Finn was not feeling well, but still managed some pretty adorable squels and bashful giggles. I see so much of Meaghan in him, and that makes me happy because she is definately one of my favorite people!

11.16.10 32 weeks done, 6 to go!

Though I feel pretty maxed out, I still have a ways to go, but I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel enormous, but I have finally tipped the scales from my pregnancy with Jakob...for a long time I have been larger than I was with him, but finally when I compare pics, my belly this time is slightly more petite. Here's to not giving birth to an amazon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11.15.10 Pretty in Pink

Jakob loves to pretend to go night night in Ashlyn's crib. He demands I take the stuffed pig out first, than a pillow has to be brought in, and this certain pink blanket. He turns on the music box in her crib, makes me turn on the mobile, and then fakes like he's going to sleep. It cracks me up to see him laying there in all that pink. If you try and play along though and turn out the lights or rub his back, you are greeted with a round of "NO NO NO's". Tonight while we were playing I reminded him this was his sister's bed and told him he should give her a big kiss for letting him play in her bed before she arrives. It took about a hundred kisses for me to get the timing of my camera where he was actually kissing my belly, and by the end he was saying, "no mas." At least I got one, even though it is not the best.

11.14.10 Time for a Toddler Bed

Jakob managed to escape from his crib yesterday, luckily without getting hurt. We had no choice though but to make the big switch to a "bed", despite mommy's fears. He took to it like everything else, without any problems. He is such a good boy, he is even content to play in his room with his toys in the morning, giving daddy an extra hour of sleep. I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe how big he is getting. Its amazing what a year can do in a baby/ toddlers life. I can't stop thinking about how next year this time he will be carrying on conversations with us. Crazy.

11.13.10 Blood Sugar Stress

Well it has been a few weeks of testing my blood sugar four times a day, so this is a pretty common sight for me these days. My fingers are sore, and my numbers are always off the wall. Sometimes they are fine and sometimes too high, and I can't make sense out of it at all. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, and that pisses me off because I don't get to eat what I really want and it still sometimes ends up in high numbers which makes me wish I would have had that load of carbs. I sure don't want to have to switch to insulin thoguh, so I am trying hard to stick to a healthy diet. The doctor put me on medicine, and it took a few days too level out, but I think things are getting better now. I will be glad when this pregnancy is over and I can lose some weight and put diabetes to bed. This is the best encouragement ever to get healthier...I cannot imagine a lifetime of this stress. Not to mention the test strips are like $100 a month! Whatev.

11.12.10 Jakob's Car Shoes

I went to the store to get him new tennis shoes, but found these too. They were having their buy one get one half off sale, so when I tried these on him, and he refused to take them off, I knew they were going home with us. He needed some house shoes anyways, but the clincher was the way he ran around the store saying, "vroom vroom!" Too cute.

11.11.10 Fall has Arrived!

As I was pulling out to leave for work, I suddenly realized how much the leaves had changed. I love the colors of Fall, but here in Texas, it seems they go from green to dead. I was so excited by the yellow I had to stop for a picture! I love Fall, it is my favorite season!

11.10.10 Jakob's Hair Salon

I was working on Ashlyn's room tonight, and Jakob decided t play with the My Little Ponies. He was so adorable. He just plopped down in front of the basket and started pulling out ponies and brushing their hair. When he would finish one, stand it up on the floor and say, "Next." and repeat the procedure on the next pony.

11.9.10 Retail Therapy

I have been feeling a little bummed lately, and shopping always makes me happy. I got some really fabulous deals today on some last things we needed for the nursery, and a Christmas outfit for Jakob. It helped lift my spirits, but I didn't have enough money to pull me completely out of my funk. Oh well, at least I tried.

11.8.10 Jakob the Pantless

Well one of the few remaining signs we were watching for to indicate potty training readiness was the ability to take off his own pants. I was making dinner in the kitchen and when I came into the living room this is what I found. I cracked up because he was just standing there, pants around his ankles, watching TV. It seems since then, its hard to keep him in pants, or diapers for that matter. Every time I leave the room, off they go again. As soon as the new baby comes and he starts to adjust, we are going to begin tackling potty training. Oh the adventure that awaits.

11.7.10 Guilty Art

I was starting to feel a little guilt about the lack of art projects I have made for this baby's nursery. When I started my 5th graders on their radial symmetry project, I remembered how much I loved the assignment and decided to create some art for the baby's room. This was before I started coloring it, but I spent about three hours drawing it today and tracing it to complete the design. Whats better anyways than getting paid to make art...who needs to grade or lesson plan...Not me! (haha)

11.6.10 Jessica's Birthday Dinner!

Though her birthday isn't until the 8th, Jessica and her nearest and dearest celebrated tonight at the Melting Pot. Jakob and I made an appearance, but unfortunately could not stay long because of his bedtime, and my lack of ability to resist the delicous melty desserts. The appetizers were delicioud though and my sister was beautiful as always. Jakob even picked out a rhinestone bracelet he was quite excited about to give her.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11.5.10 So Sick of Painting

The last thing to paint was the trim on the dollhouse shelf for Ashlyn's room. I managed to get it done before picking up Jakob from daycare today. Yippee!!!

11.4.10 Rolling Over

As I was driving today, I looked down just in time to catch my odometer roll from triple digits into quadruple ones! I felt it was an important moment to capture, but couldn't manage to get my camera out in time before it rolled to 1001. I suppose it's still ok though. =)

11.3.10 Rainy Blues

Today it started raining at 4am, and continued well past when I went to bed. At lunch I was feeling especially depressed about everything that has been going on lately, and as I sat outside one of my favorite lunch places waiting for them to open, I stared at the rain running down the windshield. I realized how accurately it matched my mood and managed to snap a shot before eating. I wish my troubles could wash away in the rain...

11.2.10 Before and After

I know it doesn't look a whole lot different, but we got our van back today with the new leather seats. I am so happy to finally have that taken care of, and man does it smell good!

11.1.10 The Big Mistake

So I managed to misread my paystub when calculating how much I could actually afford for a van payment. Seems the fantasticly competent company I work for did not pull out insurance last month, and I thought they had. So today when I got paid and my check was a grand short, I kinda flipped out. Once I figured out what had happened, I was devastated about how to tell Jeff. This was so like me to make such a stupid financial error, thats why he is the money guru of the house. He is the one who stresses over payments and made such a big deal about me making sure I could afford the van. I didn't know how to tell him what I had done. I was hsyterical. He was super calm about the whole thing and just tried to comfort me. He didn't get mad or anything, and when I got home, he had bought me these beautiful flowers. What a fantastic man I have. I mean really, who buys their wife flowers because she screwed up?

10.31.10 Trick or Treating

Though it took us forever to pick a costume for Jakob, I think the ninja was a hit. Jakob even shouted out a few hi-yahs! for us, like in this picture. He wore the hood all night, and seemed to have fun trick or treating. He only got scared at one house, and I have to admit, I was scared of it last year too. He walked up to the porch but when the motion sensored things started glowing and moving he just stopped and went, "no". So we didn't make him go up the rest of the way. The very first house gave him a sucker, and of course he had to have it right then. He didn't seem to realize this would only slow him down and keep him from getting even more candy. After that piece though, he didn't really ask for anymore all night. By the end of the night, he was still not really saying trick or treat, but he was saying bye bye and thank you. What a sweetheart. We ended the night at Mom's where Jessica and Juan had come over to help pass out candy. Jakob didn't realize we were there until he saw them inside, man was he excited!