Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11.13.10 Blood Sugar Stress

Well it has been a few weeks of testing my blood sugar four times a day, so this is a pretty common sight for me these days. My fingers are sore, and my numbers are always off the wall. Sometimes they are fine and sometimes too high, and I can't make sense out of it at all. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, and that pisses me off because I don't get to eat what I really want and it still sometimes ends up in high numbers which makes me wish I would have had that load of carbs. I sure don't want to have to switch to insulin thoguh, so I am trying hard to stick to a healthy diet. The doctor put me on medicine, and it took a few days too level out, but I think things are getting better now. I will be glad when this pregnancy is over and I can lose some weight and put diabetes to bed. This is the best encouragement ever to get healthier...I cannot imagine a lifetime of this stress. Not to mention the test strips are like $100 a month! Whatev.

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