Monday, November 22, 2010

11.19.10 Change of Plans

The last two nights I have barely been able to sleep because of the pain in my lungs/chest area. I thought it was just the baby cramping things up, but at 4 am last ngiht, I was nearly
ready to go to the emergency room. Every time I breathed in I got an intense stabbing pain, and it did not feel right. I couldn't lay down because it made it much worse, so sat in the living room watching TV until I finally got exhausted enough to pass out. At school, the pain continued, added with my sleep deprivation, and I knew I had to go in to the doctor. I left work at noon, making Charles promise to take my hard worked eggs to the dinner that I would now miss. Boo. Of course I couldn't see my doctor on such short notice, so I saw a nurse. She did all kinds of tests on me to see what was wrong but came up with squat. She said the next step was to do an x-ray, but she really wanted to avoid that since it is very bad for the baby. Seh gave me antibiotics hoping it was remnants of my cold froma c ouple weeks ago, muscle fatigue and such, but warned me if it did not get better or if I started struggling to breath to go to the ER immeadiately. Luckily for me within 2 hrs of taking the first pill, I felt like the pain was lessening. Within 24 hrs, my congestion magically cleared and I felt better than I have in weeks. Yeah drugs!
I stopped by Hobby Lobby to get letters to make Ashlyns name for her room, one of the last projects to complete her nursery, on my way home. That night I started on the project and got so excited working on it, I ended up finishing it in one night. It is pretty cute and definately diffferent than how I did Jakob's name in his room, which is good.

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  1. Adorable is what I think! I love the yellow and pink, so bright and cheery! She will love it.