Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.26.10 Black Friday

I was even more excited for the bargains on Black Friday than the food on Thanksgiving. I had mapped out my Toys R Us plan for weeks, been to the store to plot my map, and made list after list. There were four things I wanted, two were for Jeff and I, and we also told Jeffs parents and mom we would pick up something for them. TRU actually opened at 10pm Thanksgiving night, and we went at 9:15 expecting a line. What we saw was so far out of my expectations, first I was mad at myself for not taking a picture, but it would not have done it justice. There had to be 1500 people in line already. The line wrapped from TRU, past Babies R Us, past petco, around the side of the building, and continued on behind, wrapping back past petco, BRU, TRU, and even the home goods store. Maybe if it wasn't 38 degrees out, or if I wasn't 8 months pregnant, but I knew there was no way we were getting the doorbuster things I had wanted, heck we probably wouldn't even get into the store till midnight since there has to be a law about how many people can fit inside, and I knew all those people could not fit. So we went to a movie, and came back at about 1:30 We were able to get into the store, but still had to wait in a line that lasted about 1 hr. And the only thing we got from our list was the thing for Jeff's parents, which I found ironic. Oh well. On Friday, I did manage to run to Walmart for hot wheels, and Michaels for a scrapbook for Ashlyn, and Petsmart to look at an aquarium. It actually ended up being the best deal I got all day, because they were also out of the one advertised, but substituted the nicer one for it, so I got a $55 aquarium for $23! I also learned a valuable lesson which is parents are crazy, and I doubt I will ever try the doorbuster sale at TRU again!

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