Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11.15.10 Pretty in Pink

Jakob loves to pretend to go night night in Ashlyn's crib. He demands I take the stuffed pig out first, than a pillow has to be brought in, and this certain pink blanket. He turns on the music box in her crib, makes me turn on the mobile, and then fakes like he's going to sleep. It cracks me up to see him laying there in all that pink. If you try and play along though and turn out the lights or rub his back, you are greeted with a round of "NO NO NO's". Tonight while we were playing I reminded him this was his sister's bed and told him he should give her a big kiss for letting him play in her bed before she arrives. It took about a hundred kisses for me to get the timing of my camera where he was actually kissing my belly, and by the end he was saying, "no mas." At least I got one, even though it is not the best.

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