Thursday, September 16, 2010

9.16.10 I'm Sorry

Yesterday one of my second grade classes was bad, and when I reported it to their classroom teacher...she was pretty upset. She has been having alot of problems with them in all classes, but it doesn't suprise me since they were one of the worst classes last year too. As their punishment, she made them write me "I'm Sorry" letters. Some of them were dull, but a few had me giggling. I thought in honor of them, I would make a top ten favorite sorry lines list for today. Here we go. I am copying their spelling too, so good luck reading them. I added my thoughts in parenthesis at the end as to why I chose these ten...

10. I am sorry for being bad. You are evre pretty teacher. (suck-up)

9. I am sorry for what I did. I wot do it augin. (he has no clue what he did)

8. We are so sorry that we intrupet you and got two stripes and you yelled at us. (she meant strikes, I give them three strikes and they are out-I am so mean yelling at kids all the

7. I'm sory but I was only talking to you about the art. (this was true)

6. I am sorry that I did not lesen in your classroom and I hred that you are goweng to have a baby and i thenk that you are goweng to have a boy or a girl. (wow, she is a psychic)

5. I am sorry for being rude yesterday. I like you because sometimes you are funny. Your the best artist. And you a good actor to. You always make us do fun stuff! You always teach us to draw cool things. (I kinda like the suck ups, especially when they come from sweet smart kids-this kid was not the problem, nor has he ever been rude to me.)

4.I love you very and think you for staing with me we I cannot breth. (she had an asthma attack that morning and I took her to the office and sat with her till her mom got there with the nebulizer.)

3.I wus in the funt office bcus i em ulrjic to bug bite so I got to go home. (he wasn't even in class the day they got in trouble!)

2. I am sorry that my friends act crazy. (of course it was everyone else and not this kid-WRONG!)

and last but not least...

1.I am so anberest for my behver I love you so much your the best arte thcur in the hole woulde you pante so pritty your arte is so wonderful. (I AM the best art teacher in the whole world!)

That last one took me forever to figure out that I paint pretty and not that my panties are pretty-which I thought was a very odd and inappropriate thing for a first grader to say to me. LOL.

I bet they are bad again next time.

9.15.10 Doctor's Appointment

Today was my six month appointment with my baby doctor. I can't believe I am already six months pregnant. I feel less terrified about the arrival of Ashlyn, but more terrified about being at the middle/end of my pregnancy. This is about when things started to turn ugly in my pregnancy with Jakob. The good news is this time both baby and I "appear" to be healthier than last time...meaning I am not packing on the pounds, and baby is not already 2 weeks ahead in size-and my blood pressure (so far) is looking great. I don't know whether its because baby is a she instead of he, or if it's a sign I may not get sick this time around. I know my favorite part of the every appointment is hearing her heartbeat. I feel her move everyday now, she is a real wiggler, so its not even a matter of reassurance. It just makes it feel really real to think someone else's heart is beating inside my body. Next month I get my GD we will see what time has in store for us.

9.14.10 Lost

Tonight I finally finished the Lost television series. I started watching it this summer at many people's recommendations. I quickly became addicted and plowed through the first five seasons. I had to wait a few weeks for season six to come out, but managed to watch it all in one week. I liked the ending, but certainly had my fair share of questions about things that didn't get tied up. I guess it's time to move on to Dexter now.

9.13.10 Art Supplies!

So when asked last school year to make a list of art supplies I wanted to order for this year, I was thrilled at the prospect of not only getting supplies (my fourth year at the school, this is my first to ever get to actually order anything), but having them from the beginning of the year! Much to my dismay though, the order did not even get placed until the week before school started, and then of course ran into several problems before shipping. Four weeks into the school year, I finally recieved my supplies today. I felt like a kid at christmas and had so much fun organizing everything into my classroom. The kids were pretty excited too (the leftover junk they were using was reallly beyond sad).

9.12.10 Got Milk?

When my sister was over the other day, she was teasing me about having three gallons of milk in the fridge. She said that should be my picture one day. When Jeff came home with two gallons tonight, in addition to the two we already had, plus the two half gallons, I had to agree it was pretty funny. In our defense, it is usually just two skim gallons for Jeff and I (yeah we love milk-if you didn't know that), and a half gallon whole milk for Jakob. However this day, I had a half gallon I bought to take to work the next day, and Jeff forgot we had milk already when he bought the two extra offenders. It may look like a dairy farm in our fridge, but I assure you none of it will go bad-well maybe Jakob's half gallon! =)

9.11.10 Water Balloons

As much as Jakob loves water and balloons, when I saw the combination on clearance for .29, I had to buy some to see what he would do. I spent the better part of an hour filling and tying maybe 30 of the 100 balloons, until I couldn't do anymore because my fingers were too sore. When Jakob got up from his nap, we all donned our bathing suits and headed to the backyard. He was interested, but unsure what to do until we showed him to throw them. As soon as he saw one pop on the grass, he started grabbing them two at a time, one in each hand, and hurling them to the ground. Within 5 minutes they were all gone! We spent the next hour blowing bubbles, playing in the sprinkler, and made a "pool" in the green bucket for him to play in.

9.10.10 Scrappin'

The scrapbook bug managed to bite me again today. Here is a layout I did recently that I am super proud of (and that I totally copied out of a magazine). This was Thanksgiving at the Bradley's last year.

Friday, September 10, 2010

9.9.10 Not How I Wanted to Spend $550

My tires were ridiculously bad and in need of a new set. I asked the dealership how much and they were over $500. I thought for sure I could get them cheaper somewhere else, but alas, not so much. I got the cheapest they had, and didn't buy any extra insurance or anything. I hated spending that money (and it hurt me quite a bit this month), but it sure is nice to not have to add air to my leaky one every three days(especially as it is getting harder to bend over or get up off the ground), and to not slide all over the road and peel out every time I start driving. Apparently having tread is a good thing...who knew? =)

9.8.10 Koolaid Craving

Every night it seems like, after Jakob is in bed, I long for a huge glass of ice cold koolaid. We have none though, and it has been driving me crazy. Today I finally remembered to stop by the store and stock up....yeah man!

9.7.10 Bad Weather?

Much to my suprise, I heard the tornado sirens going off tonight. My sister had called to ask if she could come over after a tree nearly fell through her house, and thats the only warning I even had. We have had watches since I moved to Texas of course, but certainly no warnings since I had Jakob. I was actually a bit more firghtened then usual since I have a child to think about now, and was also frustrated by his complete lack of awareness that this was a time to be serious and not screwing around. By the time Jessica arrived though, I had calmed down and it seemed like the bad part was past us. It moved through very quickly, and truth be told, at our house, it hardly even rained. Jakob was pretty excited to have his Tia over, and proudly played the part of weatherman for us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

9.6.10 Baby Registry

Mom kept Jakob tonight, and Jeff and I had a date night. We went to dinner at a texmex place, and then to register for the new baby. It was sad how little we registered for, but we really don't need a lot of things. We registered at Babies R Us and Target. We decided to add some toys to the registry at BRU for Jakobs Christmas wishlist too (we can get a discount on them later also!)! =)

9.5.10 Bird Landing

My sister told me about this area in Dallas Zoo where you could go in and the birds would land on you. We were slightly skeptical, but the allure of Jakob getting to touch a bird made me want to investigate. Thye sell popsicle sticks with birdseed on them, and sure enough, they lure the birds right to you. Jakob loved it and was very gentle with the birds. He was okay with them on my hand, but got pretty upset when I put it on my shoulder or tried to put one on him. He wanted to feed them, but not hold them. They also gave me a "worm" to feed the birds, which I thought was going to be an earthworm. Much to my suprise they put some kind of maggot centipede type thing in my hand and I freaked out. It was alive and started crawling all over my hand and I could feel all those legs and seriously freaked out. If you know my aversion to bugs, you know what I am talking about. I knew we weren't suppose to make sudden movements so I just kept going, "get it off, get it off" but nobody would do anything....I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there. I started getting more panicked and my voice got louder, "I am not kidding get it off!!!" I guess they thought a bird would come, but they surely sinced my panic and stayed away. The zookeeper finally took it from me, but everyone was laughing by then. Whatev.

9.4.10 Swim and Grill

Lori and Sean invited us over for a barbeque and swim today, and we were happy to go. Jakob loves the pool and had fun, until he slipped on the wet concrete and banged his head. I think he is getting more accident prone the older he gets. This week alone he has fallen three times, skinning his knees, elbows, and getting a scratch on the face. Luckily he didn't crack his head open, but probably had a fierce headache.

9.3.10 Son of a B*%!$

This is my fantastic bruising from my big spill. I managed to trip over a 30" ball and fly through the air landing on my back/wrist/arm. I thought for sure I broke something, and laid on the floor crying for some time. Jakob kept giving me hugs and kisses to try and make it better, such a sweetheart. It sure hurt like crazy, but luckily both me and the baby seem to be okay. I was pretty scared though, I never fell with Jakob-especially as hard as this.

9.2.10 Picking Paint

I usually love picking paint colors, but like every other decision I have made regarding Ashlyn's room, this one was hard. I ended up with two nice yellows that I hope will look awesome. I just wish I would have remembered the walls are textured. The nice stripe I was planning on may not be so easy after all.

9.1.10 Sleeping Angel

It has been quite a while since I was brave enough to snap a photo of Jakob sleeping, but I couldn't resist today. He looks like such a big boy on his pillow, and so sweet and peaceful.

8.31.10 Color Wonder FInger Painting

I decided to buy some color wonder finger paints for Jakob since they claim to be "mess-free" (they only show up on special color wonder paper). The age recoomendation is 3+ though, and now I know why. Instead of just dipping his finger lightly into the paint, he scooped out as much as he could and would leave big clumps on the paper. He sure loved it though, and made some nice abstract art. I think these turned out better than his actual finger paintings did! And on the bright side, he didn't try to eat these!

Friday, September 3, 2010

8.30.10 Another Week, Another Bite

So the biter got to Jakob again this week, and he broke skin (the bottom two front teeth). Both Jeff and I were furious, and after a lengthy discussion decided to talk to the daycare about getting rid of this biter. He was getting stronger and his bites more frequent. If they were not willing to get rid of him (have I mentioned he bites all the kids in the class, not just Jakob?), we were going to pull Jakob and find a new daycare. I hated the thought of that, but I just can't keep him somewhere he is not safe-especially when he is not old enough to really defend himself. Luckily, when we went to talk to the manager, she stopped us before we could even voice our concerns. She told us how upset she was over the incident and that they had already talked to the childs parents and moved him to another class. Its the next age class up, so it really only buys Jakob a few months until he goes into that class also. Hopefully the situation will have been corrected by then though, or we may be back to shopping around for other options. From what I hear the first day the biter was in the new class, another kid took him down (haha). Since then he hasn't even attempted to bite anyone. I hope for everyone's sake the kid will out grow this biting thing.

8.29.10 Craving!

I have been seriously craving some tropical chicken pizza from Bostons. It is soooo far away though, we never go there. Jeff was at his parents today though while I spent the day with Jessica scrappin. His parents only live a few blocks from it, so I convinced Jeff to bring us home some takeout. Man was it good! I ended up getting three delicious meals out of one large pizza!