Thursday, September 16, 2010

9.16.10 I'm Sorry

Yesterday one of my second grade classes was bad, and when I reported it to their classroom teacher...she was pretty upset. She has been having alot of problems with them in all classes, but it doesn't suprise me since they were one of the worst classes last year too. As their punishment, she made them write me "I'm Sorry" letters. Some of them were dull, but a few had me giggling. I thought in honor of them, I would make a top ten favorite sorry lines list for today. Here we go. I am copying their spelling too, so good luck reading them. I added my thoughts in parenthesis at the end as to why I chose these ten...

10. I am sorry for being bad. You are evre pretty teacher. (suck-up)

9. I am sorry for what I did. I wot do it augin. (he has no clue what he did)

8. We are so sorry that we intrupet you and got two stripes and you yelled at us. (she meant strikes, I give them three strikes and they are out-I am so mean yelling at kids all the

7. I'm sory but I was only talking to you about the art. (this was true)

6. I am sorry that I did not lesen in your classroom and I hred that you are goweng to have a baby and i thenk that you are goweng to have a boy or a girl. (wow, she is a psychic)

5. I am sorry for being rude yesterday. I like you because sometimes you are funny. Your the best artist. And you a good actor to. You always make us do fun stuff! You always teach us to draw cool things. (I kinda like the suck ups, especially when they come from sweet smart kids-this kid was not the problem, nor has he ever been rude to me.)

4.I love you very and think you for staing with me we I cannot breth. (she had an asthma attack that morning and I took her to the office and sat with her till her mom got there with the nebulizer.)

3.I wus in the funt office bcus i em ulrjic to bug bite so I got to go home. (he wasn't even in class the day they got in trouble!)

2. I am sorry that my friends act crazy. (of course it was everyone else and not this kid-WRONG!)

and last but not least...

1.I am so anberest for my behver I love you so much your the best arte thcur in the hole woulde you pante so pritty your arte is so wonderful. (I AM the best art teacher in the whole world!)

That last one took me forever to figure out that I paint pretty and not that my panties are pretty-which I thought was a very odd and inappropriate thing for a first grader to say to me. LOL.

I bet they are bad again next time.


  1. I am sure that it wasnt funny at the time but sorry... I was laughing! (so much that I had a few tears!!!)