Thursday, September 16, 2010

9.12.10 Got Milk?

When my sister was over the other day, she was teasing me about having three gallons of milk in the fridge. She said that should be my picture one day. When Jeff came home with two gallons tonight, in addition to the two we already had, plus the two half gallons, I had to agree it was pretty funny. In our defense, it is usually just two skim gallons for Jeff and I (yeah we love milk-if you didn't know that), and a half gallon whole milk for Jakob. However this day, I had a half gallon I bought to take to work the next day, and Jeff forgot we had milk already when he bought the two extra offenders. It may look like a dairy farm in our fridge, but I assure you none of it will go bad-well maybe Jakob's half gallon! =)

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