Friday, September 10, 2010

9.7.10 Bad Weather?

Much to my suprise, I heard the tornado sirens going off tonight. My sister had called to ask if she could come over after a tree nearly fell through her house, and thats the only warning I even had. We have had watches since I moved to Texas of course, but certainly no warnings since I had Jakob. I was actually a bit more firghtened then usual since I have a child to think about now, and was also frustrated by his complete lack of awareness that this was a time to be serious and not screwing around. By the time Jessica arrived though, I had calmed down and it seemed like the bad part was past us. It moved through very quickly, and truth be told, at our house, it hardly even rained. Jakob was pretty excited to have his Tia over, and proudly played the part of weatherman for us.

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