Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6.24.10 Going Bonkers

My favorite shot of Jakob taking one in the face, and cracking up about it!

Today I had a playdate in Lewisville with Amber and Torie. We went to a place called Going Bonkers, which is like an indoor jungle gym, with lots of nets and foam to keep it safe. They have a seperate play are for kids under three, and the equiptment is safe for adults too. At first Jakob seemed hesitant and a bit scared of everything. After some yummy chicken nuggets for lunch in the cafe though, he was ready to "go bonkers". He ran around screaming and laughing and nose-diving into the tunnels, and bouncing on the net trampoline...we had alot of fun. And man did he nap good on the ride home, and even mroe when we got there!

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  1. I'm so jealous, this place sounds awesome! I want to "go bonkers". Great photos this week, love the variety!