Saturday, June 5, 2010

5.28.10 Last Day of School!

Oh my how I have been waiting for this day! It was a half day and all we did was have field day all day. I was in charge of the tattoo booth, and I must have put 200 tattoos on. Luckily I had a parent volunteer helping me, or I never could have gotten all the kids done. It was so hot though, and I was so sick, and I ended up leaving early to go to Care Now. I had a pretty ferocious upper respitory infection that kept me in bed the first two days of summer.
My picture for the day is of a third grader throwing a pie in his teachers face. He was held back last year and she promised him if he passed this year he could do was pretty funny. The kids sang a song about her getting a pie in the eye, but mostly it got in her hair and on her clothes.

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