Monday, June 21, 2010

6.16.10 Our Four Year Anniversary

Jeff had to work the evening, and we had no one to babysit, so for lunch we went to one of our favorite hole in the wall italian places, with Jakob. It wasn't very romantic or even enjoyable, since Jakob was being needy. I didn't even remember to take a picture. We didn't go all out this year because next year we plan on going to Vegas and renewing our vows.
So in lieu of an anniversary picture, here's a hinge and doorstop! =) Still prepping to paint, the first major hurdle was fixing the doorstop issue and repairing the hole in the wall. I asked Juan and Jessica to come help me with the hinge because I was scared if I took the pin out, the whole door would fall off, but it didn't and he had the new doorstop installed in a matter of minutes.

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