Friday, March 5, 2010

3.4.10 Pigs, Monkeys and the biggest scrapbook page ever!

I ordered Jakob a plastic piggy bank that he could use while he still had young clumsy hands. It is pretty cool. It came in the mail today. We spent 45 minutes transferring coins from his ceramic pig into this new one. He loves putting things in and the small opening ket him challenged.
At school, I kept myself challenged. I created the biggest scrapbook page ever as my bulletin board. It has two purposes, one is to showcase the photos of the kids at the African Dance, and the other is to get kids to want to join scrapbook club. I thought it would be so easy to do, but it was actually alot harder than I had expected. To begin with I completely underestimated just how enormous my board is. I didn't buy nearly enough paper. I struggled with haivng so much space when I am use to working with minimal space all the time! In the end it still came out pretty cool and I am super proud of it. I think I have a good shot at winning this round.

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  1. Very Cool! Love your lifesize page. I bet Jakob just LOVES his new bank. Perfect for him.