Monday, March 22, 2010

3.22.10 Passed Out Toddler

I was so glad that Jakob was feeling better, and then today he had his 15 month checkup. They gave him two vaccines in the thigh. He has never had much reaction to vaccines, other than being drowsy. Tonight though, he was running a fever and so sore in the leg that he would not take more than a couple steps, limping. Then he just cried and cried until I held him. Even then if I moved his leg at all, he would whimper. I layed on the couch and popped in baby einstein first moves (his fav!) and we watched it twice before he passed out on me. I then slid him to the floor to go eat dinner, and he stayed there passed out until bedtime. Poor little guy. I just want him to feel good and be happy.

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