Friday, October 29, 2010

10.17.10 Breathing Treatments

Jeff took Jakob to the doctor yesterday for several issues, but came home with more than I bargained for. They said Jakob was finally old enough to do something about his forever cough. They said he has reactive airway diesese, which from what I understand is just a big umbrella word for alot of breathing crap. He has to do two treatments a day now for a month, and then one a day for another month. After that, hopefully it will be cleared up. Jeff is about to leave town, but luckily was around to learn this new thing with me for one day! We thought it would be awful, but Jakob actually does pretty good most of the time. The treatment takes about ten minutes, and he tends to get bored before it's over. Coloring and stickers have worked most of the time, and one trip to the naughty chair helped the rest of the times. =) I love the naughty chair. I can't believe how well he has taken to it-but that's a whole other story.

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