Sunday, May 2, 2010

5.2.10 Jakob's New Playground

This weekend Jeff and I tackled a big project. We decided Jakobs play fort needed to be safer, so we made a yard of rubber mulch for him. As any home improvement project goes (or at least mine) it ended up costing more than expected, but it is totally worth it. Jakob was so excited he immeadiately ran and climbed up to slide down the slide, and then repeated this about four times! Usually he only stands on top of it-which is why I wanted to do the yard. I was worried about him falling, but this should protect him up to a 3 ' fall at least, which is all he needs. We are going to put his pool on the other side when it gets warmer, or maybe even put the slide into the pool! Oh the possibilities! This is so much better than the lame garden I tried last year!

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