Sunday, May 2, 2010

4.27.10 It had to be the Snowcone!

This week at school, the kids are taking the TAKS test. Since Meaghan is on maternity leave, I had to administer the test to her kids both today and tommorrow. Tuesday is usually one of my slow and easy days. Instead though, I had about 20 minutes for lunch, and then my planning period at the end of the day, they tried to make me watch someone else's class. I threw a fit (cause thats what I do best), and they found someone else, I was very grateful for that, but also highly stressed out. I decided I needed to get away, so I went to my favorite shaved ice place and bought my first snowcone of the season. Then I went home and sat on the couch. At 4, I drove back to work to clock out. It certainly helped me "chill" out.

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