Saturday, April 2, 2011

4.2.11 It was a bad week...

Well it may not show much in the pictures, but I had a rough week. The day to day monotony of work, feeding the kids, and getting them to bed, and never having anytime for myself finally got to me. By this time with Jakob, I had probably called my mom hysterical 2 or 3 times. I knew better what to expect this time around, and have handled things better. Wednesday night though, I just lost it. Both kids cried all night, and Ashlyn decided to quit taking a pacifier, so the only way to get her to sleep was to let her cry and cry and cry. I ended up crying on the couch and Jakob came to comfort me. After he went to bed (I cried through storytime too), I called my mom and vented for like half an hour. It was nice to talk to someone who had been there before and could relate. I always feel so awful after a mental break like that, like I failed my kids. By morning though, they both seemed to have forgotten all about the bad episode.
Backing up to talk about this week's favorite pics, Tuesday brought the next photo in Ashlyns Bunny series. I don't think she looks to much longer this month, just chunkier. At least this time she is not screaming her head off.

Jakob and I played outside a lot this week. We finally moved his battery operated car outside where it belongs, and he rode it all over the back yard.

Tuesday and Thursday Maeghan and Finn came over to play and give her hubby some much needed study time. It was so fun having them over, and I was surprised how good Jakob did with Finn. There were a couple times the ugly "M" word (mine) reared its head, but for the most part he shared well and tried to play with Finn, who only seemed interested in carrying as many things as possible around.

I told Jakob he should give Finn a hug, and this is what he Finn had cooties or something. Too funny.

Random (but kinda cute) picture of me on the hammock.

Jakob was playing on his fort and I told him to stick his head through the hole and say he sticks his head through EVERY hole and says cheese. It was pretty funny and I got LOTS of great pictures! Here's one.

Saturday the kids and I went to mom's to have my mommy and me redo photo shoot with my sister. We didn't get to take too many pics because Ash was pissed off about getting stuck back in that Big Ass Bow and hot outfit, but I was smart enough to bring a cute cooler outfit as well and we got some good ones outside as well as a few good ones in the B.A.B. I actually took this one my self....go me!


  1. I'm sorry you had such a rough week, I can only imagine. You have such precious kids! I can't believe what a chunk Ashlyn is becoming and Jakob is a cutie on his vehicle. I also really like the photo of you on the hammock. I was totally going to come over yesterday just to lay on it, but I knew you weren't home! Sometimes I really wish we had a big backyard.

  2. It's pretty awesome to lay on for sure, sometimes Jakob will even swing you!