Saturday, April 9, 2011

4.9.11 Another Uneventful Week

Nothing much happening this week. We went to the Bradley's for Jon's Bday. He bought Jakob his first putter and they hit some balls for a while.

Jakob wants to help feed his sister but loses interest in about 5 seconds. Still cute though. He really wants to hug her and hold her and play with her, but usually just hurts her or scares her. It will be so much fun when she is bigger and they can interact more.

Ash is so close to rolling over, but not wuite there yet. She is getting really chunky!

At night Jakob wants to sit with me when I am rocking Ashlyn, so I managed to snap this picture...I love pics with all of us in them (though we have yet to get one of all four of us.) Jeff may be getting a new job, where he will work even more than he does now (grrr), so we may never get a family picture!

I tried to go to Jimmy Johns on Thursday for lunch. They were appreciating their customers with $1 sandwiches. There was no way I had time to wait in this line though...even if I did I doubt I would have. The sandwiches aren't THAT great.

We got the bill for Ashlyn's surgery, $22,050.00! Apparently our insurance is not paying so I have to call Monday to find out what that is all about. We had better not get stuck with that, I will freak out! I also got a letter my OBGYN is leaving the practice. If you don't know, I adore her. She is the best doctor I have ever had and delivered both of my babies. If I can't follow her wherever she is going, than that puts another nail in my reproductive coffin. No way I am trusting anyone else to my complicated pregnancies!
I am counting down the minutes till 10:30 (98 minutes from now!) when I get to get out of the house kid free. I am going to do some very light shopping, pick up Ashlyn's pics, and then....get an 80 minute hot stone massage! I really hope they can work away some of my back pain. It has definately gotten better since we got the new mattress (oh yeah, we bought a new mattress on Sunday and got it on's fawesome), but still needs help.
Ok, maybe it wasn't totally without events, but that was my week.

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