Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2.12.11 Photo crazy!

This week I took over 60 photos I loved and wanted to share, so if you like pics of the kiddos, you can check out more on FB. These are the pics I took just to blog about. This week I did some scrapbooking. Not as much as I wanted to, but I did get through the end of Jakob's first year (yeah!). Here are the two layouts I did.

From Jakob's 1st B-day party...
Random pictures from the 12th month...

This is our sucker fish. He is huge. I didn't even realize the shark was in this picture till later. See him? He's looking right at the camera.

After being cooped up all last week, I was ready to get out! Mom called and invited me shopping on Monday so I said of course! Here's the new shelf I got for Ash's room.

I had a lot of fun buying girly dresses for some special occassions...

And of course she is going to need a swimsuit for the summer and a matching hat!

Jakob getting Riley ready for the beach. (see the sunscreen? Jakob got that out...again, didn't realize it was in the picture till later but it sure cracks me up!)

Lazy morning. I love when Jakob lays on the couch opposit you. It was cute t see it from an outsiders perspective. I used the calm morning to do the kids photo shoot for their valentines. They both did a pretty good job, even though one needed to be bribed.

We went to Beni Han for my mom's birthday on Saturday, I think Jakob enjoyed it, but I think everyone did which is awesome. Here he is with Tio.
I know it wore him out because he did not make it all the way home. This rarely ever happens.

We were searching for another miracle this week when collicky baby reared her head. After a 15 hr stretch of her only napping for 20 minutes at a times, and crying the rest of the time, We put her in this chair and she pretty much slept the next day and a half! Since then we have switched her to formula and she seems to be doing better, in fact proving she was on a schedule after all, just a very inconveinent one. Things seem to be slowly righting themselves though, so I am opomistic. She smiles now, not as much as Jakob, but at least its not always a frown anymore. She occasionally coos. Its wierd like she was stunted by the surgery. She is huge physically, but behind developmentally. I can't believe she is almost two months already.
She has slept in our room in this miracle rocker/sleeper ever since. It's awesome to be sleeping in bed with your spouse again after so long on sleeping on shifts.

Here were the results from the kids photo shoots. These are the ones they put in their valentines this year.


  1. Awwwwweeeee great photos this week. We LOVED our Valentine's, by the way. Super cute idea! They are both adorable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that swimsuit for Ashlyn. I'm glad so is doing a bit better with the sleep/eat schedule. Man, I'm sure glad you went through all this first....twice. I'm going to be calling you ALL the time! I'm sure you are right and that surgery did stunt her in a way. It was major surgery and she is still tiny, she will bounce back soon I'm sure. Sunscreen? Already? Is he ready to go swimming? LOL! LU

  2. I LOVE the valentine's day pictures. I love the outfit that Ashlyn is wearing. And the dresses!! I never find adorable dresses like that. I must be shopping at the wrong places. I love the swimsuit too! So cute!!

    We should go shopping sometime. I don't really have anyone to shop with, so I usually go by myself.