Saturday, February 5, 2011

2.5.11 The Not-so-funny Week of Funny

Plainly put, this week sucked. Due to ice and snow, we have all been stuck trapped in the house all week (except Jeff who still got to escape to work in the evenings). I think being cooped up made us all a little stir crazy. The result are some funny pictures of Jakob! I also had time to finally make the Taggie for it is!

Ashlyn turned six weeks old this week, and that meant it was time for her second "watch me grow" picture with Pinky, her bunny. She has definately grown over the last four weeks!

I had to go through her closet and pull out the next size clothes for her because it won't be much longer until she needs them. In the process I pulled out the pieces to all the baby things, like the jumperoo and walker. Jakob grabbed the top of the walker and immeadiately stepped into it and began cruising around the house. What a nerd!

This next one cracks me up, although truth be told, Ashlyn is not crying. I have no idea what she was doing, but with Jakob covering his ears, it makes it look like she was screaming!

The other productive thing I did was to finish journaling in two of Jakob's scrapbooks. We sat at the table and he painted while I journaled. It was fun having art time with him.
The best thing that happened all week though, was I bought a swaddle thing for Ashlyn. Jakob never liked being swaddled, so I didn't think about having one for her, but she flails about and carrys on so much, I thought it was worth a try. She loves it! And a happy baby makes for a happy mommy. She is so much more content now to sit in her chair or swing or just look around. I guess smacking yourself in the face uncontrollably is probably annoying. I think it is great because she looks like a little baby burrito.
Though her smiles are still few and far between, they are coming a little more frequently. I even managed to capture a few on film this week, this was the first one.
We have been trying to get her to sleep in her crib really hard this week, but without a lot of success. I thought the light was so sweet with her glowworm, that I had to take a more artistic shot.

The last of her steri-strips from her surgery finally fell off also, so I got a good look at the scar for the first time. It is really subtle and should fade away nicely. Finally that whole ordeal is just a memory.

One thing I used to love doing when Jakob was a baby was to pose him with stuffed animals and have photo shoots. Since she had on her froggie pajamas, I decided it was time to have the first of many to come with Ashlyn.
I asked Jakob to help me pick a bow for his sister, and he picked one for himself instead. He insisted on putting it on, and I took advantage fo the fact my camera was out and ready. Some "tough guy" eh?
He wants to do anything Ashlyn does, and so he decided this pacifier was Jakob's. He didn't suck on it, just held it in his mouth. He is such a total goofball, I love him to pieces!

And to end on a beautiful note, my yin and sweet.


  1. Such cute photos this week! I love the one of Jakob painting and the one of baby burrito! LOL they are so dang cute. I'm going to upload some photos of last night today.