Saturday, January 29, 2011

1.29.11 Surgery Week

Well this week was all about Ashlyn's surgery and fearing it. All week I had to try and find ways to pass the time, to force myself not to just sit around and cry unti the big day, which was Friday. One thing that helped was spending time with family. My mom is always so great with the kids, I love going to her house.

Monday, I went to see my friend Jen and her adorable twin baby girls. They are 6 months old and this was the first time I have met them. They are both completely adorable, and totally opposite. I loved them so much, but I have t admit it was hard trying to decide which one to play with, which one to hold!

My sister called and wanted to come hang out one night also to help distract me. It was so nice outside, we ended up going to the park. Jakob had a great time of course, it has been months since I took him to the park. He does this thing where he wants to kiss you through all the bars, and this was a picture my sis captured of it. I think it is so awesome and funny! What a cutie pie!

Thursday, a photographer came out to our house to take Ashlyn's one month photos. I won't get to see them for a few weeks, but I think there were some pretty good ones. It was nice having the photographer come to us. She brought backdrops and lights and everything, very professional. We ended up getting suckered into buyng a package where she comes out 3 more times! This was what Ashlyn wore for the pics, although you could not see the adorable skirt in any of them!

This is her first bath time photo. She is finally getting used to baths in the tub, but now we are back to spngebathing for two weeks because of her incision. I will be anxious to get her back in the tub!

So Friday morning we went in for her surgery. I could write a novel about it and how hard it was for me, but I want to leave it in the past for now. Everything went as well as we could have hoped. They did have to remove her right ovary, but that was better than a piece of her intestine! The surgery was over fast, and her recovery has been speedy also. They expected us to be there till at least Sunday, and yet tonight is Saturday and we are home. I was extremely nervous about bringing her home because I am scared of hurting her. In the hospital though, she was attached to so many things I could not even hold her hardly. So it is nice to be home and able to scoop her up when she needs me. I do think she is having some pain, but we are trying to manage it with snuggles and tylenol. =) Thank you everyone for your warm thoughts and prayers during our families ordeal. We are glad it is behind us finally.

Saturday morning, Jakob came up to the hospital because both Jeff and I were missing him hardcore. He had been staying with grandparents since Thursday. The hospital had a really awesome train display, so we took him to see that, as well as a few other things in the hospital. I will say it is an awesome hospital for kids, but it was sure hard beign there and seeing so many sick little kids. It just broke my already fragile heart.


  1. Great photos this week! Love that one of Jakob kissing through the bars. Too cute. Poor little Ashlyn. I'm so glad all of those wires and cords are out of her. LOVE YOU!

  2. Your mom's hair is so silky and shiny!

    I love that picture of Jakob and the bars! So cute.

    The surgery picture of Ashlyn takes me back to Ryleigh and Reagan's time in NICU. They had so many wires/IVs/Monitors hooked to them. I hated it.

    The picture of Ryleigh & Reagan cracks me up!! They look so different...and Reagan looks 3 times as big as Ryleigh. lol