Sunday, January 2, 2011

12.25.10 A Hard Christmas Day

Jakob was pretty excited to see his gifts Santa left this morning, and to finally open his presents under the tree from us also. We smartly waited until last to let him open the new part of his train set, which of course he played with non stop till we left for Jeff's family's Christmas. We had to take Ashlyn for a jaundice check, and she was improving, so that was good. After a long day of pretty intense pain for me though, I broke down in the car and cried all the way home. I was so tired and hurting and Jakob had a rough day, wanting me constantly and I was dealing with the guilt of not being able to give him what he wanted for probably the first time in his life. Despite it being a more than pleasant experience with Jeff's family, it was probably my least favorite Christmas day in a long time. I had to keep telling myself, "I gave birth 4 days ago, it's normal to feel terrible" (both mentally and physically), but it was still hard. Jeff took care of the kids when we got home, I took lots of pain meds and crashed out. Thank goodness I have a wonderful hubby and my kids have a great father. I woke up feeling much better.

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