Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2.19.11 Spring Cleaning & Elizabeth!

I spent the bulk of this week getting ready for a much needed visit from one of my best friends, Elizabeth. She was coming to visit and of course meet Ash for the first time. In prep, we cleaned the whole house, and transitioned Jakob to a chair at the table. We realized we desperately need to work on his table manners. He does a lot better when we sit and eat with him. We really let this one go on for too long, so we have a lot of work to do.

I also cleaned up the backyard and moved Jakob's fort. He loves the new location, and keeping him entertained meant I could get yard work done. Win, win!

He also drew a boatload of snakes on the patio. They were all drawn the same, just different sizes and colors. He even informed me which one was the mommy snake and the baby snake.

I have been trying to help Ash along to learn to sit in the bumbo. She is so close, just can't last for long. I think she was feeling a little overworked in this picture. She is so adorable.

This week has definately been the best one with her yet. She is finally starting to get on a regular schedule. We are down to sleeping from 8ish-8ish, getting up twice to feed for about an hour, hour and a half. I switched to fomula, and it definately seems to agree with her more, and we are a happier family because of it. Even the smiles are coming more frequently.

This is a picture I have wanted to take for a long time, but I don't much care for the way it turned out. I do like that you can read her dress though. Well if you can't, it says "Mom Rocks."

On Saturday we tried to take Elizabeth and the kids to the zoo, but since it was the first nice weekend weather, they were packed worse than I have ever seen it! So we went to the Museum of Nature and Science and saw an animitronic dinosaurs exhibit. Jakob liked it, but was a little leary of them when they roared.

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  1. Awe, cute photos this week. Where's one of Elizabeth? I love the one of Jakob in his fort. He is such a little boy now! Crazy. Glad to hear Ashlyn is finally cooperating and more happy. LU