Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2.26.11 Last week of maternity leave!

First of all, I don't know what I was thinking not including a pic of Elizabeth in my pics last week...I only got two pics of her, but here's one of her changing shoes with Jakob since Jessica requested to see one! Of course now posting it makes me miss her and wish she was still here!

Here's a pic of Ash sleeping away on her two months birthday. I cannot believe it has already been two months!

We did a lot of yard work this week, and one thing we did was get rid of the thorny bush by the shed. Jeff is still digging up the massive stump, and we need to paint the shed or something, but I am glad the bush is gone.

I decided to make the corner safe since Jakob keeps going back there. If I would have known how much work this would be, I would have just put up a fence! I dug up bricks and broken concrete for hours. I was so sore, but I think it turned out really great in the end. Its now fairly flat and safe. I covered it with mulch so Jakob could use it as a parking spot for his car!

We finally made it to the zoo on my last day of maternity leave. Jeff took Jakob into the bird landing while I stayed with Ashlyn. For the first time, Jakob wanted the bird on his arm. It was so cute! Right up until he kissed it on the head. Gross. He also kissed a goat...also gross. He's just such a loving kid. He always makes his toys kiss too!

Ashlyn's first zoo trip, in fropnt of the lions.

We bought Jakob an enormous stuffed rattlesnake and he loves it! I have never seen him want anything to do with a stuffed animal until this snake. He wore it around his neck all the way home, and even slept with it. Too cute.

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  1. ADORABLE snake photo! That is just crazy nuts. Also loved the angle of the Jakob and the bird, how did you do that? Ashlyn is just so cute, don't you just want to eat her up?