Sunday, March 13, 2011

3.12.11 Cookies and Other Things

Last Sunday we went to Jeff''s parents house for our monthly family dinner. I decided to let Jakob help me cook some treats. I should have got cupcakes which was what I planned on getting, but I was swayed by the brownie/cookie bars! It was a bit too complicated, but of course he loved it.

Debbie bought Ashlyn a new swing. We have been through two and both broke, so this time she got the warranty. Ashlyn loves it, so do we of course!

Our school system had an art contest to celebrate its tenth year anniversary. This was the best entry from our school, done by a fourth grader ironically named Vanessa! I think she has a good shot of winning...which would be awesome.

I love cafemom, I know I have talked about it before. Sometimes there are threads where they want you to post certain pictures. Sometimes I have them, but sometimes I think, oh my...i have not taken that picture. This week was your baby's pouty here it is for the first time on film.

Man she is cute. She is starting to laugh and smile more frequently. She smiles and laughs at her mobile, when I get home from work, and now when I kiss her with the frogs Auntie Danielle sent for Valentine's Day. Jakob even participates in the fun...we have been playing with these frogs a lot the last couple days.

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  1. Looks like Jakob had a blast helping "cook"! Pouty lip, I don't think you've photo'd her smile yet. :) LOL I love seeing posts about the kids and what you all have been doing. Hope you are feeling better!