Monday, March 21, 2011

3.19.11 Green Everywhere!

This week was Spring Break, and boy was I excited. Even though my only plans were to find Jakob a new daycare and finish the annual yard work, it was nice to be off work again so soon. I found a new daycare for Jakob, but its not the greatest. I am hoping we can make it work through the end of the school year and switch him next year somewhere else when I have more time to research. This week was also St. Patrick's day, so of course that meant a photo shoot with Ash.

We did manage to finally get our yardwork done. We must have bagged at least 20 bags of leaves. I also mulched several of the beds around our trees. I was totally grossed out when i found several of these mushroom cities livving around the tree inour backyard. Gross gross GROSS!
Jakob has beeen playign alot of basketball lately. He is hilarious. Every shot he makes elicits either a awwww or yeah, depending on whether he made it or not. I decided to record it and got 21 seconds of film gold. I am so sending this to Americas Funniest Videos. I am going to upload it on here also in case you missed it on Facebook.

I lvoe this new outfit Nana bought for Ash...cute huh?

...and a big smile to end on!

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