Sunday, March 6, 2011

3.5.11 Back to work, RIP Sullivan

This was an uneventful week, especially in terms of pictures (I took 9 this week!). I went back to work, and for the most part it is a good thing. I do love my job, so it's nice to have that challenge returned to my life. It's also a nice break from the all day crying. I miss Ash terribly though, and after working a 9 hr day, coming home to take care of two kids is exhausting. By the time I get them both in bed I am to exhausted even to watch tv. It took me three sittings to finish the oscars, and two to watch the bachelor! Ash turned 10 weeks this week, which meant it was time for another bunny picture to compare her growth. I tried two different times with two different outfits to take this picture, but she was not happy about it either time. So I decided to use the honest picture this month!

On Monday, since Jeff was home, I decided to cut my bathtime in half and do them both at once (something I could not do without help-at least not at this age). Jakob thought it was fun, he likes to help me bathe his sister.

On a sad note, a friend I made in my Due January group this time around, lost her baby boy Sullivan to SIDS this week. My heart has been breaking everyday imagining what she is going through. His mother and father decided to donate his organs, and they have already been told his heart valves were used to save another baby. Sullivan will never be forgotten and I will continue to pray for Meredith during this time of grieving.


  1. Oh no, that is just terrible! I can't imagine how that poor family is coping. They will be in my prayers.

    Love the photo of bathtime, although it kind of looks like Jakob is trying to drown Ashlyn. LOL!

  2. I cant imagine the pain that meredith is feeling. In one of my groups on CM they were all saying prayers for her. She's in my prayers and thoughts.

    THe kiddos are getting so big. I hope to meet Ash soon!