Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12.19.10 Hospital and a Party!?

Woke up this morning to pretty decent contractions that were about four minutes apart. After an hour and a half, though I was skeptical and nervous to call it the big moment, I decided we should go get checked out. My sister was having an ornament party that day, and I really wanted to go to it. I knew if we went to the hospital, we would be there for several hours, and I knew if we got sent home, I would still want to make it to her party. SO, in we went thinking this could be the big day. We were so excited. The nurse said she was pretty sure this was it based on my contractions (they were coming steadily when we first arrived and I was dialated almost to 4cm). She said they would check me in two hours to make sure I was progressing. What a long two hours, especially since I thought I had stopped contracting during that time. I was right, and when she rechecked me, there was no progress and the contractions had stopped. Home we went again, happy to not have to deliver our baby to a strange doctor, but sad that today was not the day.
Jessica's party was great as always. I gorged on the delicous food. It seems like every year, Jessica jacks my ornament at the last minute. This year was no exception....so I chose to use the pic of her smiling with what should have been my ornament! I guess since she is the hostess I won't complain too much, and I did end up with a cute ornament also. I just love this party!

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