Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12.6.10 Throwing in the Towel

After having to suddenly leave work twice last week for doctor's appointments, Saturday my feet swelled up to this monstrosity. You can't even call them cankles because my ankles are actually BIGGER than anything else. Its like they were broken, or hit with a baseball bat. Plus, it's hard to see, but half of my leg is red like it is sunburned, whcih could be a sign of blood clots (rare, but something they of course wanted me to get checked out). So Monday when the swelling had not gone back down, I called and had to leave work again. I am so stressed from everything and feel so guilty everyday abandoning my job at the last minute, that despite my strong desire to make it the last two weeks of work, I decided it was time to start my maternity leave. My boss was very understanding, as was my wonderful husband who said the exact right thing, as always, when it matters. I left at noon, and despite the sweilling, felt some relief from the pressure.

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