Monday, December 27, 2010

12.20.10 All Nighter

I suppose this picture was technically taken on the 21st, but since I never went to sleep, I felt this would be okay to use. Jeff and I had really hoped to have the baby today, ever since we found out we were pregnant, we had hoped she would be born on the 20th, so we would have time to get home before Christmas, but yet I would be technically, "full term". I decided to do every old wifes tale I could bear to try and convince Ashlyn to make her big debut. We tried sex, walking for hours upon hours, and lastly I ate an entire pineapple, making my tongue feel like a big dead fish. The only thing I had left was that it was full moon that night, a lunar eclipse in fact. The contractions started about 10pm, and lasted all night. They were consistent, seven minutes apart, but never got more intense or more close together, which frustrated me immensely. They hurt enough I couldn't sleep through them, but no worse then the bogus ones from the weekend that had turned out to be doing nothng to progress my labor. At around 3 am, I decided to try and take a hot bath to help with the uncomfortableness. I got so mad at our poor hot water heater, which couldn't even fill a tub in the cold of the night. I ended up having to shower, but had only cold water left. I was furious, cursing and screaming at the bathroom for existing. I just kept watching the clock tick the minutes past. I had an appt with the doctor first thing in the morning, and I hoped she would say, "Oh my, you need to go to the hospital", but I was so defeated that I knew this would never happen. I was going to be pregnant forever. And tired. And cranky.

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