Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7.19.10 Sedgwick County Zoo

I finally got to take Jeff and Jakob to the Wichita Zoo, which I had been bragging about for years. I loved that zoo growing up, and it was even better then I remembered since there were several new exhibits built in the last ten years. This is one of my favorite pictures, although its hard to see. Its an orangutan with his face pressed against the glass, but I love it because in the reflection you can see dad taking the picture and Jakob watching from his stroller. Too cute.
This is a Red Panda. None of us had ever seen one before and we tried to locate it for several minutes before realizing he was hiding in his den. Sheryl called to it, and amazingly it got up, and walked out, right towards us. We were all oohing and awing, except for Jakob, who less than impressed, decided to run off. After a few minutes, I turned around and realizing he was gone said, "Guys, where is Jakob?" Jeff and I took off running, each taking a different path. Luckily, the exhibit had fences all around it so he couldn't wander off the path, and his little legs didn't take him too far. It was pretty scary though, and I will forever remember it now as the first time we lost our child. Oops.

It was alot of fun seeing Jakob get to play with his Grandpa, they definately found each other quite entertaining.

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