Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8.21.10 Nightly Ritual

I have been trying to teach Jakob to brush his teeth, which he loves. The problem is he doesn't actually "brush" them. He generally just sucks the toothpaste off the brush while saying "mmmm", turns the water on, despite my telling him how wasteful it is, and then throws a temper tantrum when we are finished. I know I am laying important groundwork though, so I am trying hard to get into the habit of making him brush his "teef" every night. He does like the spitting part too, which cracks me up.
He has been practicing floating on his belly in the tub every chance he gets. He thinks its funny to stick his face in the water. He is trying to get brave enough to try laying on his back also, but every time one ear goes under the water, he cracks up and sits back up. I am sure glad he likes bath time.


  1. Oh these photos are priceless! I love the one in the mirror. You totally have to scrap these! How about on Sunday?

  2. lol....i will ask jeff if you are serious, I am down for some scrappin.