Friday, August 20, 2010

8.16.10 It's a Girl!!!!!

Finally, the day I was waiting for was upon us. Our apppointment was not until 4 though, so at work in meetings, I watched the clock tick by the minutes painfully slow. When it was finally time to leave, we managed to get stuck in traffic (of course there was an accident on 75). After arriving to our appt 15 minutes late, we luckily still were able to be seen by the sonographer. Her machine wouldn't cooperate though, and froze up three times before we finally switched exam rooms to use another machine. Of course that meant she had to start the ultrasound all over, so it ended up being a 45 minute sonogram. We didn't find out the sex till almost the end. I was in disbelief and made her show me three times that it was definately a girl. We are so excited, and I cannot wait to start shopping! Baby girl has seriously long legs though and was a wild woman in utero...kicking and rolling and moving all over. I have an anterior placenta, which is probably why I haven't felt alot of movement yet, but seeing how wild she is, I was kinda glad and hope that may keep my uncomfortableness down later in the pregnancy!

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