Sunday, January 17, 2010

Test Anxiety

I finally bit the bullet and registered for the PPR today. This is the last major hurdle I have to jump to finally get my certification. The problem is, its the one I can screw up. Its a test, and I have taken the prep course twice, been utterly confused and overwhelmed by the fact that there is no real way to study for this test, and had a major fight with an instructor due to my frustration. Did I mention it was $195? I have never been so scared of any test in my life...I am usually a pretty confident teast taker, but this one has me terrified. I can always take it again if I dont pass, but $200 is a lot of money to me, and I would no doubt feel even less confident taking it the second time. I am going to go buy the prep manual today and start "studying", the test is on Feb 6th. I guess until then I will be full of anxiety. Totally lame.

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