Thursday, January 14, 2010

Too Attached

So for the first time in three years of teaching, I have become wildly invested in this kid. He's smart and charming, but kind of a little shit. He reminds me of myself at his age though, to some degree. He is in fourth grade, but causes trouble like a teenager. I have been trying to work with him and keep him on the straight and narrow...okay so maybe its a wide path rather than narrow, but its straight anyways. I am so worried that he is going to end up in gangs or prison, he has awesome(sense the sarcasm) role models of that kind. He has so much potential though. Anyways, he has made some progress, or so I thought. Today though, I was grading papers in my room and I heard commotion in the hallway. It was that kind of commotion where you get chills because you know there is something bad happening. So I trot out there, and who should I find but my precious attachment throwing punches at another kid. FOURTH GRADE! So I grabbed him and pulled him back, and luckily the other kid was not fighting back at all, and the whole 4th grade class was trying to wedge themselves between them, so he never actually made contact. I couldn't believe it...and worse yet, he was fighting him because he had stolen these stupid little tech deck shoes from him, and the other kid tattled. I don't know what to do, I mean what can I do? He's not my kid and I can't force him to make good decisions. It literally broke my heart though. I was almost in tears after dealing with taking them both to the principal. He got three days suspension...fourth grade.

It was because of this I decided I needed a blog. I miss blogging on myspace, it was a way to talk through my emotions, even if no one reads it. So I hope someone out there enjoys reading these, but if not, I enjoy writing them and thats whats important.

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