Friday, February 12, 2010

2.11.10 Anyone for a Blizzard?

Today it snowed a record breaking 12 inches in Dallas Tx. It was beautiful and yet completely insane. The kids (those that showed up at school anyhow, were completely nutty. Neither of our secretaries showed up so me and a parent volunteer played secretaries all day. It made me really really wish I spoke Spanish, although I did get pretty good at saying "No habla espanol, uno momento" when answering the phones. Our administrateors decided to build a snowman in front of the school (which was of course toppled at 3:00 by nasty 6th graders). Dismissal time was a bitch though, and thank goodness for a few coworkers people, we all survived. School is cancelled for tommorrow, as if we had any doubt. Then I came hom to a fussy toddler. I dont know what his deal was, but by bedtime I was pretty stressed out. Nothing made him happy, he just wanted to throw tantrums all night. Daycare is closed tommorrow also, so I hope he has cheered up. At least we will get to play in the snow, but I wish we had better snow gear. Snow is pretty rare in TX, especially for it to stick, so as you can imagine, I am kind of in shock.

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