Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.17.10 Dude, where's my camera?

So today I had an eventful day. I have been feeling pretty lame about this project life thing recently because I don't do anything fun and exciting (okay, so maybe this isn't a recent thing-but I have never exposed my dull everyday life to the public before). My pictures are always Jakob doing this, Jakob doing that. I am that woman who exists only as a mom. Well today I went on a field trip with my third graders to the aquarium....oh the things we saw! A million photo ops, but guess who forgot her camera at home. That's I was upset, but remembered we were going shopping tonight for sheets, and to pick up Jakob's one year portraits. That would be good, at least it was out of the house. As we were driving home it occurred to me, I didn't take any pictures at any one of the three places we went because-you guessed it, I didn't have my camera! What the heck is wrong with me!!! Arg. So these are Jakob's portraits. I guess they will have to do for today.

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  1. Ha! I did the same thing at the car wash, although I had my camera...but it was in the trunk of my car. I used my cell phone camera, which was not great...but it worked. Jakob's 1 yr photos are adorable. The last one with his shirt out is my favorite. He looks like a little boy, not our baby anymore.