Sunday, February 14, 2010

2.14.10 Valentine's Day

I hate Valentine's Day. My girlfriends and I use to call it Single Awareness Day because it always made us acutely aware of how single we were. Now that I have been "off the market" for seven years in a row, I still hate Feb. 14th. I think its stupid that men (and women I suppose) need a fake holiday to celebrate their love and be romantic, when that is something that should be happening every day or any day of the year. Plus, my husband ALWAYS has to work, so I may as well still be single. This year though, Jakob spent the day with his Valentine, his Nana. I tagged along as the third wheel. =)
Actually, we dumped the toddler off at my sisters, and we went to a matinee showing of Valentines Day, which was as great of a movie as I was hoping it to be. My favorite movie is Love Actually, and this one reminded me of it in the previews. It had lots of characters and followed several storylines that somehow tie together in the end. It wasn't as good as Love Actually, but it was funnier. After the movie, we picked up Jakob and him and my mom (his Nana) exchanged Valentines. I have to say he made out better, scoring an outfit/swimsuit, book, and lots of big balloons. Nana got a little frog baby sculpture thing that I accidently broke the night before. Oops. After that, mom and I worked out to Wii Just Dance until we were sweaty and tired. All in all for a day I usually hate, it was fun.

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