Sunday, February 28, 2010

2.27.10 Happening at the Car Wash!

After many many MANY months of neglect, I decided it was time to get my car detailed. I waited in line for almost 30 minutes since it was the first nice day we've had in weeks. Jakob got fussy because he was bored and we were not moving, so I let him sit in my lap and he snacked on cheerios until it was our turn. He was pretty fascinated when we were going through. After the wash, the guys started detailing. It takes about 45 minutes, so Jakob and I went and played in the patch of grass behind the car wash. First he decided he was going to move all of the leaves onto the pavement. After that, he decided to collect acorns in his now empty cheerio cup. When he had filled it up, he dumped it out and started again. When he finished that time, he dumped it out and started again, only this time including leafs and dirt as well (gotta love little boys!). When my car was done, he was upset about getting back into it. As we were driving home I kept hearing this "mwah" sound and then he would crack up laughing. When I finally got a chance to look and see what was going on, I realized he was blowing kisses! It was so frieken adorable. It is my new favorite thing, it even tops his squishy face.

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